Monday, May 21, 2012

First Camping Trip 2012

This past weekend (May 18th-21st) we went on our first family camping trip to High Cliff State Park. We decided to stick close to home, being last minute, and our first trip of the year we figured this was our best bet.

We got a great campsite (#106) for being last minute, and the weather couldn’t have been better.  IMG_2247 We left Friday night, after Tim got home from work. By the time we got there, got our water tank filled and the camper level, it was about 8 o’clock. I made a quick fire, while Tim was leveling the camper, so we enjoyed smore our first night, just to make sure we were actually camping :) IMG_2248_edited-1

We (and by we I mean Tim) got all three kids to fit in the two bunk beds (Treyton on top, girls on bottom), Audrey didn’t sleep well the first night, but by the third night I think she got the hang of it. IMG_2249

Saturday after breakfast we decided to go on a family bike ride. Alexa wanted to ride her bike, and we let her. She’s actually a great bike rider, Treyton has taught her well. IMG_2261

The loop we took (from the campsites to the tower) was 3.4 miles. Alexa made it on her own the entire way there!! IMG_2253It was a beautiful trail, there were a couple nice scenic spots, we stopped to rest at one where you had a beautiful view of Lake Winnebago. IMG_2254 



IMG_2258  IMG_2263

She rode back in the trailer with Audrey to get back, just because we never want to over work her knees, and because even though she wouldn’t really admit it, you could tell she was wearing down.

Treyton raced to the top of the tower ahead of the rest of us. IMG_2266

That sort of stuff gives me a heart attack, but Tim usually makes me let him (I guess that’s what dad’s are for). IMG_2265

The view was beautiful. IMG_2267 



Oh yeah…. after we did the tower, Audrey was up on Tim’s shoulders cuddling – I took the camera out to take a picture and then she started acting goofy, leaning back and forward as far as she could without falling and laughing.


IMG_2283I was taking pictures of her, when she finally leaned a little too far back…. the look she made (and I was able to capture) was hilariously priceless!! Tim said the camping trip was worth it just because we got this picture! IMG_2284

After we got back to campsite we made lunch and then headed out for ice cream in Sherwood. After eating our very fast-melting cones and dishes, we were sitting at our picnic table when all of sudden, we hear a “zap” and Treyton starts screaming! Apparently, the fence that he was playing near was electric – a surprise to all of us, but mostly just him. IMG_2301(Here he is, with the fence, obviously not too happy, he got the shock on his left elbow)

After naps and resting time, we ate dinner, had some more smores and took showers for the night.

Sunday was church, and after church we went out to eat.

After we got back to the campsite, we decided to try swimming. IMG_2309The weather was warm enough, but as you would expect the water was a little chilly – though not as cold as any of us actually expected. IMG_2304

Treyton and Tim swam, Alexa got most of her body in and Audrey and I after getting our feet “damp” sat on the grassy area and watched our crazy family. IMG_2317

That night we had rueben and grilled cheese pudgy pies (AMAZING) and of course MORE smores!       IMG_2321 We packed up most the campsite and went to bed. IMG_2322

We headed out early this morning for dad to get back to work at a reasonable time. We managed to feed the kids breakfast, load up, empty our tanks, get home, unpacked and a load of laundry in all by about 9:30!! IMG_2319

It was a very relaxing and fun camping trip. None of the kids wanted to come home (well maybe Audrey did, I’m not sure, she didn’t say :)), Alexa says she loves camping and she wants to do it her whole life, forever. Treyton loves being with his family no matter where he is, but camping is his element for sure – all the biking and smore eating – the kid is in little man paradise!!        IMG_2289 I’m so glad we took this camping trip, although it was unplanned and I forgot a few things here and there, it was so nice to spend that time together as a family and to just enjoy one another, God’s creation and the beautiful weather He blessed us with.

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Ashley Skye said...

There is too much for me to even comment on everything!!

I love the pictures thought I think my favorite is the one where Audrey fell back!!! Amazing that you caught that.

Taking pics of the kids at the look out looked painful neither looked like they enjoyed that LOL

I woudl be scared with Treyton up there too and Aaron would make me let him. I have a fear of my kids falling!!! I bet the look on Treytons face at the electric fence was priceless.

It sounds like you had a great time I cant wait ti take a trip......

Love you guys thank you so much for sharing