Monday, June 11, 2012

Timber Rattlers Game with Daddy 6.10.12

The kids were signed up for a reading program this last year through our homeschool group and received a free ticket to the Timber Rattlers game on Sunday along with a free hot dog and soda and a couple other extras.

Treyton is in LOVE with all things baseball, and Alexa just wants to be like Treyton – so I think it goes without saying that they had a ball (pun intended)!!!

IMG_2461It was a pretty hot day, Tim said he was pretty hot, but the kids never said a word about it. IMG_2452Treyton really wants to be a baseball player when he grows up. Going to a game, really gets him “going”. He was telling Tim when the game started how much he wanted to be out on the field some day. He seriously practices every day, playing games by himself, setting up bases, hitting off the tee, running the bases, throwing the ball in the air and trying to catch it. I wish we had some neighbor kids to play with him more. Tim and I try to pitch to him when we can, but seriously, he could play for hours and hours :)

Though he has now got Lexie into it too, so the two of them will play together, when she feels up to it, and can stay focused. IMG_2453 The kids of course got their free hot dog, and Tim can’t go anywhere without getting a little cotton candy :) It seems as if Alexa inherited her daddy’s love of the highly processed sugar :) IMG_2454 Our team won, which always makes the day more fun…. It’s great to have a team so close to home, we really should go more. IMG_2459

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Ashley Skye said...

You can see by the looks on their faces how much fun they are having. We should get Ryan and Treyton together more!! Ryan needs to work on his pitching and it is always more fun to pitch to someone rather than to a target!! We need to plan a weekend soon!!!