Sunday, July 8, 2012

Alexa’s 4th Birthday

Today was Alexa’s birthday!! 7.8.12 002

Because we had church this morning, we did her presents as soon as we could this morning (after breakfast and getting ready for church). 7.8.12 012

We got her a DS game and styluses, a princess kick ball, a pink and purple baseball glove and ball, a pink dress-up dress, a jewelry box, a collection of disney princesses, a princess camping chair, several cars 2 cars (including Holly Shiftwell, which is her favorite) and four wooden princess puzzles. 7.8.12 010

Alexa brought cookies to her Sunday School class – where they sang her happy birthday and enjoyed their snacks. Her teacher (who just happened to be our good friend Ms. Amanda today), said she was actually a little embarrassed when they sang to her. 7.8.12 016

Our pastor is retiring, and we had a potluck for him after church today in honor of his last Sunday. We were able to eat and spend some great time with our church family and friends. 7.8.12 025 

7.8.12 028

After the potluck, our family and two of Alexa’s friends (Amelia (7) and Breigh (6), who happen to be sisters) headed up to Bay Beach Amusement Park to enjoy some rides. 7.8.12 032 7.8.12 039 

7.8.12 068

7.8.12 049 

7.8.12 051 

7.8.12 055 

7.8.12 064  7.8.12 072

We were planning on taking Alexa to her favorite restaurant and our family birthday tradition spot, Nakashima’s, but we ended up being a little later than we expected, so we decided to pick up happy meals for the kids, and Alexa’s princess ice cream cake from dairy queen.

7.8.12 077 

7.8.12 083 

7.8.12 090

We brought them home to enjoy!! 7.8.12 108

It was a busy but great birthday day.          

7.8.12 113 

7.8.12 098

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Ashley Skye said...

The last picture gave me goose bumps. I LOVE IT!! Alexa looks beautiful as usual. I cant wait to see them at their party. Now that all the parties at my house are done I can start getting presents etc for THEM. YEAH!!!

Treyton is looking like such a wonderful big brother I love the pictures of his and Audrey he looks so enthused.

Thank you for the pictures I LOVE THEM.