Sunday, July 29, 2012

Baby #4: Second Trimester Update

I have just moved into the third trimester and things are going well.

IMG_2533I continue to have (a lot of) sugar in my urine at every appointment. This last time I had another set of labs checking for diabetes, anemia and something about anti-bodies. All of my results came back good – and not just good, but GREAT on the diabetes test. I am definitely not diabetic, but for whatever reason, my kidneys are not doing whatever they are supposed to do with the sugar…. but I guess that can happen when you’re pregnant and you are still totally healthy and fine (according to the internet at least).

So far, this pregnancy (27/28 weeks) I have put on 20 pounds. Tim and I both think I look small compared to my other pregnancy but the doctor says I’m measuring well. I forgot to ask at my last appointment what my exact measurement was and I had all three kids with me, so I didn’t even realize she measured me until she says – oh, you’re measuring great! To which I replied “You measured me?” and she said “Yeah… just now”

Baby boys heart rate was 143 at our last appointment. He is a mover – at least when I’m still. Mornings, nights and early afternoon are his “peek moving times”. He isn’t too violent, a smooth mover (unlike his brother) – more like his oldest sister.

Overall I’m feeling pretty well. My energy level kept up for most of my second trimester, and when I was more tired than usual, I think it had more to do with our busy schedule than the actual pregnancy. I’m starting to wake up a little more at night, but am still feeling fairly well rested, so far so good.

I am having lots of “fun” aches and pains this pregnancy that I haven’t experienced (at this point) before. When I crawl into bed at night my left hip and lower back – KILL! It can be down right excruciating, Tim usually rubs it out well enough, but I have to be very careful how I lay and get in and out of bed. I also had pretty bad sciatic nerve pain between weeks 22-25, which I had with Treyton but not until the end of my pregnancy. Praise God that has passed, and I’m just praying it doesn’t return. My ankles and knees have recently started to cause me a little grief, but I have been on my feet much more than normal the last week, I think just taking it easy will relieve the majority of this pain. I will be 29 at the end of August, and I have never felt old…. until now.

The kids LOVE feeling the baby move. Treyton has felt baby T the most, and he loves to just sit and place his hand on my belly, though he gets a little freaked out to actually feel body parts protruding – meaning not the kicks but when you can feel a little foot, head or butt – he feels like he is hurting the baby by actually feeling it. It’s way cute and he gets all “worked up” which is fun!

Alexa has felt small bumps and kicks here and there, but recently felt the baby move a couple of BIG times, she squealed and laughed and asked to do it again…. and again!! She loves the baby belly and talks to him often telling him to “Keep growing baby, you need to get bigger so you can come out.”

Audrey has felt the baby move, but hasn’t really realized it, or cared I guess. But she loves to kiss the belly, rub the belly and talk about the baby with me. She really, really loves her baby nephews, I think she is going to be an AMAZING big sister!

We had thought that we were settled on a boy name, but now I’m not sure again, I just can’t settle on anything…. I don’t know why this is so difficult this time around. I am still committed to the T name for our boys (I think), but this is getting ridiculous. The kids really like the name Trevin, but I don’t know…. I just don’t know…

These pictures are from 21 weeks, I have only taken pictures twice (I want to get better) so hopefully I will be taking more and posting them here soon.  IMG_2528


Ashley Skye said...

Your nails look amazing in the heart picture on top and I think you look amazing. Cant wait to meet Baby T...better decide on a name he will be here before you know it

Ashley Skye said...

I keep looking for new updates and nothing. :( I want to hear all about the kids