Sunday, July 8, 2012

Happy 4th Birthday Alexa!!

It’s been 4 years since you’ve blessed us with your beautiful presence. AlexaSince then, a day hasn’t passed that you haven’t brought a smile to your Dad and I’s face.  Alexa 2We are so proud of the little lady that you are becoming.  Alexa 3(1st Birthday)

Alexa 4 (2nd Birthday)

Alexa 5 (3rd Birthday)

You have a sincere love of dresses which matches your lady-like personality – you insist on wearing dresses most days, which isn’t usually a problem because you have learned how to sit and act appropriately. You have great manners, and are learning well how to respond and respect the adults in most situations. You are outgoing and talkative.

7.8.12 003 (4th Birthday)

You love to dress up and accessorize yourself, and are currently trying to grow your hair out (like Rapunzel’s). You honestly believe the more you brush your hair the faster it will grow – this has made hair brushing go MUCH more smoothly, so I haven’t had the heart to tell you that this isn’t actually true. You have a strong sense of style with an even stronger personality to go with it. You are truly beautiful, inside and out.  IMG_2718You are the smartest 4-year old I’ve ever met. Not just in school but in learning life lessons as well. You have started reading little books – so far two bob books, and a story in your reader for school. You are a great writer, learning your numbers 1-9 and almost all of your letters. You beg to do school – your favorite activities are reading and cutting as well as any crafts you can get your hands on. June 2012 006One of the things I want to remember about the four-year old you is how much you love your friends. You love your church friends and your co-op friends so much! It amazes me how you continually choose to make friends with older kids. The closest friend to your age is 5, but your best friends are actually 6 or 7. I praise God for our church and homeschool friends that love you just as much. You are a good friend, and have chosen your friends well, and praise God your bestest friends are your brother and sister. June 2012 049You are a nurturer, entertainer and very understanding to Audrey allowing her to push, and pull you around, without pushing back (to much). To Treyton you’re a playmate, all-around goofball and wrestling partner, you work hard at taking his advice (when you can) and playing the games he wants to play. Being the middle child, you fill the huge spot between both ends, and your relationship with both your brother and sister, encompass this. You are (for the most part) a peace keeper, without being too much of a push-over. It takes a special person to fill such an important place in the family, God has designed you perfectly and you do it well. 7.8.12 090Your independent nature and confidence make you an easy daughter to raise. You listen and reason well, and have learned to respect your parents (the majority of the time). Your crying and whining are improving with time and reasoning. You try hard and are always working on “being tough” and being a big girl (your words). 7.8.12 017Listening to you talk and express yourself is a blessing from God. Your voice, your expressions, your hand movements, all of it is not only entertaining but so much of what makes you, you. God has blessed you with a light that people are drawn to, I pray that you learn to use this for His glory.

Alexa, we love you so much and are so blessed to have you in our family. Thank you for being you, for being genuine and sincere.   7.8.12 018We pray that God will use you mightily for His kingdom and glory. May the light He’s put in you point others to Him. We pray that the Lord continue to grow within you a respect for authority and a deep love of people, that you will see others through His eyes and love them well. We pray that your love of learning is nurtured well and that it continues; and that of all things you learn, that God’s Word penetrates the deepest, giving you the foundation of truth and a Biblical worldview that is crucial to serve God well and understand the world around you.

Happy Birthday Princess. We love you!!

June 2012 002

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Ashley Skye said...

Ok you have to stop this! Tears!!! I love reading the letters to your children. Thank you Amber for being a mother worth trying to follow after.

Alexa you are amazing and such a blessing in ALL OF OUR LIVES. I lvoe to listen to you talk you crack me up. Your hugs and excitement are comparable to NO ONE.

I cant wait to see you again soon. (Also to date you are the only birth I witnessed.....and I cherish that moment like no other. The first year was rough with your confusing dislike of me, but we pulled it around in year 2 and now I have the relationship I hoped for. Thank you for loving me and allowing me to love you.

Auntie Skye