Sunday, July 1, 2012

June 2012 Pictures

So it’s been FOREVER since I’ve just posted our miscellaneous pictures. We’re about to go camping this week and I was cleaning off the camera, and thought I would post a little of what we’ve been up to lately. IMG_2568 The kids are in soccer this summer. They are both really enjoying it, and are getting better every game.

IMG_2572 Alexa has really grown in how well she is playing and getting more comfortable with her coaches and teammates. IMG_2575 I love watching the kids get along and while sitting in between their games, I was able to capture a little bit of their goofiness on film… man I love these guys and the way they love each other! IMG_2582 



IMG_2413  Treyton decided to do soccer this year, even though it’s not his favorite sport to play (baseball is) he decided (on his own), that he needed to play it because he never had before. We thought it was a really wise decision. IMG_2402 

IMG_2412 Treyton’s soccer skills have improved a lot since he’s started playing. This last week he dribbled the ball the entire field and almost shot a goal (he missed, by inches). We are really proud of his effort.


Father’s Day weekend Alexa got to spend the weekend alone with Mommer and Papa. This was her first time staying over night somewhere without mom and dad or Treyton. She did great, Mommer said she didn’t even ask about us once. (I’m not surprised). She had a blast – meanwhile, for Father’s Day Treyton, Audrey and I took dad to Bay Beach to ride a few rides.

IMG_2670  Dad and Treyton went on the Zippin Pippin roller coaster, Treyton waited all year to get on it (he was just a smidge too short last year). This was his first time, Tim and Treyton are in the front row!! IMG_2622Audrey and I watched nearby. Audrey noticed everyone raising their hands as they would come down, she decided to do more than watch – and to participate on the side lines. IMG_2624   Treyton humored his little sister and took her on a few of the little rides – she LOVED it! Smiling and squealing the entire time. IMG_2641 We loved the train ride, too. IMG_2656 IMG_2748_edited-1

6.22.12 Treyton had a week long VBS at Bethel Baptist in Green Bay, on Friday night we went to the VBS show to watch the kids perform their songs. IMG_2747_edited-1 

IMG_2773 6.26.12 My cool little princess

IMG_2790  6.28.12 We went to Mount Olympus with my family – I didn’t get any pictures except for a few of Shayla and Treyton on a little roller coaster. Shayla said she did not like it, not at all. :)


6.29.12 Treyton and Audrey – Big brother and little sister, love cuddling and hanging out together.  IMG_2796 

I did realize that other than school and soccer pictures I have very very few pictures of Alexa this month. No worries, it’s her birthday next week, so we will get lots of pictures of her on here!!

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Ashley Skye said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the pictures. Seeing the action shots of them loving on each other is AWESOME. The kids look like they are having alot of fun this summer.