Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Lake Arrowhead: Camping July 12th – 15th

This past weekend we went camping at Lake Arrowhead in Montello (site 113). IMG_3212

This is a really great camp ground which a friend of mine recommended to us. (Their showers and bathrooms were the cleanest I’ve ever seen at a campground – I mean I actually used them which is saying something!). They had lots of activities for the kids to do, a great store for any forgotten items (or ice cream) and two pools a kiddie one and a regular one (3 – 5 feet). IMG_3251

It was still a pretty warm week, but nothing compared to the fourth of July camping trip.

One of the neatest parts of the camping trip was a new friend that Treyton made, minutes after we arrived. We hadn’t even pulled the camper steps down to get into yet when our “neighbor” boy and his mom came over to introduce themselves and to ask if Treyton could go for a bike ride with J (the unnamed boy) around the campground. From this moment forward, the two boys spent all the time they could together.

I appreciate all that Treyton was able to do on this camping trip – our site actually butted up against the woods, so J and Treyton spent time building forts, imagining animals chasing them, exploring, climbing trees, riding their bikes around the grounds and playing together. Treyton learned a lot about being a friend and playing with new people. IMG_3210

Sadly, I think that Alexa felt a little left out at times, the boys didn’t want her tagging along all the time and the girls next to us (who were 6 and 7) kept blowing her off because she was so little. This is not what Alexa is “used to”, all of her closest friends are 5, 6 or 7 – she’s used to being the youngest (once again so thankful for our church and homeschooling friends and families that make this possible for her). Thankfully she hasn’t quite gotten to the age of taking it too personally, so she wasn’t too offended, but we did have to come up with some special things for Alexa to enjoy while Treyton had a friend constantly at his fingertips. IMG_3194Through all our extra “socializing” on this camping trip the Lord really opened my eyes to realize how much I enjoy spending time with my kids. Sometimes I take it for granted, or think that I am doing it because that’s just what I do, but that’s not entirely true. I do feel called to being at home with my children, and building a strong family foundation at this age, BUT I (we) also do it because I (we) genuinely enjoy spending time with our kids/family. I am a blessed woman to be given such an opportunity and the heart to enjoy it. IMG_3217

This was one of the more relaxing and fun-filled trips that we’ve had this year I think – the kids and Tim spent hours a day in the pools (Audrey and I limited our time to an hour or two at most a day), we took a bike ride down to Lake Puckaway and were even able to visit with Aunty Skye, Uncle Aaron, Ryan, Peyton and Grant who live about 25 minutes away. IMG_3195

 IMG_3192 Treyton said this was his most favorite camping trip – EVER! and he was sad to leave. I think part of it was his new friend, part of it was the woods literally out our door, the long hours spent in the pool and the activities the campground had organized for the kids which included a marshmallow gun fight and a smore house competition (the kids were given frosting, marshmallows, graham crackers and pretzels to build the best house they could out of it). IMG_3241We really did like this campground, our only complaint would be the dirty/sandy areas of the camp sites. IMG_3203

It’s hard to describe it, it wasn’t sand per se, and it wasn’t dirt – it was like an ashy sand that just smeared onto the skin (or anything it touched). The kids would touch the dirt and then anything else they touched would be smeared with the brownish grey dirt. It drove us nuts – we showered every night and washed the camper floors at least once a day…. it was every where. But the most awesome part (for me at least) was the fact that I think Tim was actually more uptight about all the dirt and smearing than I was!! :) We were constantly reminding (or scolding) the kids to not sit in the dirt or to put it in their hair and above all else not to play in it!!

Here is a picture of my niece peyton after playing in the dirt… like I said, it was messy. IMG_3190Thankfully for their second visit she stayed a little cleaner while we played in the pool :) IMG_3260

I could see us visiting this camground again, if we can get over the dirt, it was a perfect down-time for the family.

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Ashley Skye said...

I love the pictures and yes the dirt was VERY smeary. Though I think Peyton can get dirty in ANY dirt. She literally makes dirt angels!!

Your kids did WAY better at not getting dirty in it. Thank you for letting us visit you it was awesome to see you guys.