Sunday, July 1, 2012

Timber Rattlers Game 6.29.12

This past Friday night, Aunt Toni and Ken asked Treyton if he wanted to go to a Timber Rattlers game with them. He of course said yes! IMG_2806Without even knowing it, they happened to pick the night that Spiderman was visiting. So for the second time, Treyton got to meet him. IMG_2803

I feel so blessed to have such incredible Aunts and Uncles in my kids lives who take the time to care about what my kids care about and want to spend time with them.


Ken and Treyton have a special relationship… they kid around a lot. Treyton always enjoys hanging out with Ken. ;)


Ken had somehow managed to set up a meeting with Tommy Toledo, who is the best pitcher for the team. IMG_2810 


After meeting him, they brought him a brat, and he signed a baseball for Treyton. When he threw it up to them, Treyton caught it himself, which was a big deal! IMG_2816

Treyton said he had a really fun time.


The Timber Rattlers won, 8 to 7.      IMG_2809

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Ashley Skye said...

OH I MISS YOUR KIDS. I miss spending so much time with them. Looking at these pictures is awesome but it is also sad for me. We use to be staples in each others live. Life changes and gets busy.....:( Thank you for all the pictures it lets me feel close to them