Sunday, August 26, 2012

When Did Seven Happen?

My baby turns seven today. IMG_4251


It wasn’t easy, but I let him. IMG_4246 Let him turn seven that is.

I’m still not sure it was a good idea (on my part, I mean) letting him turn seven, and all.

Birthdays are a big deal in our house. Anticipated for months before their actual arrival and our harry-legged little man has been talking about this day for a while now.  IMG_4231It wasn’t all that long ago that my short-haired, chubby cheeked toddler couldn’t even count to seven, let alone BE seven! Where has the time gone?  IMG_4265Since bringing this dark-eyed bundle home from the hospital time has seemed to fly at a much faster pace. IMG_4287I can’t seem to explain it, and maybe I’m a little scared to think on it for too long, at the risk of wasting more of it – but I just can’t understand when this all happened? IMG_4269When the things of yesterday left us, and the things of today appeared.  IMG_4282I remember much from the days gone past with him. His chubby little hands, short hair, tough spirit and eagerness to conquer.When his days were filled with sippy cups, misunderstood jabber, trucks, dinosaurs, and tricycles. IMG_4300But that’s not where we are today. IMG_4298_edited-1Today:

Our little man’s chub has been replaced with a toned six-pack.

His short hair is now being grown out to one day (hopefully) be pulled back into it’s very own ponytail!

The tricycle has been forgotten for faster means of transportation.

The trucks and dinosaurs moved aside for baseballs and legos.

His tough spirit and eagerness to conquer remain, but even they have been changed. Changed to reflect a little bit more understanding, and a healthy dose of fear.  IMG_4291I am so grateful for all the memories the Lord has blessed me with this incredible young man, and as life continues to fly by me, I pray I remember today. IMG_4317The day he turns seven. The day that another year is closed while a new one opens to him.  IMG_4315The reality is, I can’t go back, I can’t stop time BUT I can hold on to today while it’s here, and make the most of the moments I have, however short they may be. IMG_4332I want to do my best to remember the good, forget the bad and learn from the worst.

So this day, Treyton’s seventh-year day, I want to remember it for as long as I can. To not wish away whether forward or backward and to make today the best I can for our changing boy-to-man. IMG_4333

Time changes everything, nothing goes untouched. Everything but the ONE that made time. I praise Him that He is left untouched, unchanged and unaffected by time. Because on days like today, days that my baby boy turns seven, that truth is what I need to get through this amazing time.


Friday, August 24, 2012

Baby Appointment Update 31 Weeks

We had our first two week baby appointment this morning. Baby sounded great, his heart rate was at 147. I am measuring at 32 weeks and according to their records I have put on 25 pounds.
They did notice, however that my blood pressure is slightly elevated. They took it three times while I was there, and each time it read 120s/85ish. I tend to have very low blood pressure, with my bottom number reading in the 60s. For this reason, and because there was slight protein in my urine, they decided to run a few test to be sure I wasn't developing preeclampsia again.
We got the test results this afternoon and everything came back normal!! Praise God!!
This means one of two things. I could have had slightly elevated blood pressure because of a headache I have. OR I could be developing pregnancy induced high blood pressure. This would mean that they would possibly want to put me on some type of blood pressure medication and/or bed rest.
They are having me come in next week, Friday, for another blood pressure check at which time we will know a lot more.
At this point I am just do grateful it's not preeclampsia and that if it is something that at the very least it is treatable with something other than Pre-term delivery!
Please pray for Tim and I as we not only get through the next week but also prepare ourselves for any possible medical decisions that we may need to make regarding me and baby boy T.
Resting today in His sovereign hands!
The Schoessow Family

Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Weak Camel and the Unidentifiable Straw

When I rolled over to look at my clock for the sixth time last night, I was beginning to suspect that today was not going to be: my day

The Lord has really been working on my patience, in particular with the kids. As unpleasant and convicting as that has been, I’m grateful for it today, because without the last few days of some hard-core examination in this area I think today would have been a complete disaster. The kind of day where I would have un-done weeks of training and grace-filled lessons in a moment of shrill screaming and crazy hand motions. IMG_4069

Praise Him, I was able to keep myself at least mostly composed through most of the day and it was merely unpleasant for everyone…. but me.

Because regardless of how I handled it on the outside, internally it still felt like a disaster.

Clearly I can’t take a clue, and tend to prioritize my to-do list over the people I love most, so I decided to go ahead and attempt school this morning. It went about as well as could be expected. By lunch time, we had gotten a minimum amount completed, and I was done.

Done with school.

Done with kids.

Done with myself.

I just wanted to sleep, mostly to get away from myself.

After lunch, I told the three little ones sitting around my dining room table that it was going to be quiet time and surprisingly not a one of them objected – that’s unheard of in our house. I guess they needed a break from me, too. 

I recently read Ann Voskamp’s blog post on How to Handle (parent) Temper-Tantrums, it was exactly what I needed today, so before I dozed off I went back and read it again.

Truthfully, the kids have been pretty good today. I can’t think of any direct disobedience on their part, there was some squabbling early on, but it was dealt with and we all moved on. Overall there was mostly just effort on their part, and anger on mine.

So no, it wasn’t about the kids today. Today it was about me. About my bad-attitude.

The logical part of me wants to figure out where this comes from. This attitude of anger, exhaustion and frustration at everything in the world.

I’m not typically like this, really I’m not. So why? Why today?

Is it the lack of sleep? Certainly a factor I’m sure, but I’ve had less sleep than this in the past.

Is it the fact that I’m 31 MONTHS pregnant and in almost constant leg, hip and back pain? Could be I suppose, but I’ve been living with the pain for a while now, so that doesn’t feel like it would suddenly be the cause of some emotional break-down on my part.

Is it the emotional turmoil I’ve been in since Monday after a close-encounter I haven’t really been able to talk about yet? Again, a possibility, but I don’t think so. 

We all have our bad days – days where it just seems like we’ve come to the end of ourselves. Today is my day. To borrow from Ann Voskamp’s analogy the camel’s back was weak and the straw was a surprisingly small one (unrecognizable, in fact).

I’m sitting here self-examining and it’s hard. It’s nothing I haven’t asked my children to do themselves, but it’s painful.

My camel’s back is broken, my body is exhausted and my mind is filled with thoughts I wish couldn’t exist in my head. I’ve come to the end of myself….

and as troubling as that feels in this moment, I know what I must do, I know where I must go.

I go to the only place I have left.

Matthew 11:28 “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.”  IMG_4066

Monday, August 13, 2012

Rustic Woods Camping: August 10th-12th


We went camping at the Rustic Woods Campground (site W4). It was a shorter camping trip than usual, because Tim had to work until 5 on Friday, but it was still awesome. IMG_3841Thankfully Waupaca is only an hour a way, so we were able to get there, set up and even have some s’mores before turning in for the night. IMG_3838

The weather was absolutely beautiful this weekend. I mean seriously, beautiful – perfect weather for camping! IMG_3844



Saturday we played at the park in the campground, went on the Chain O Lakes boat tour (touring 8 of the 21 lakes connected in central Wisconsin), ate lunch at the King’s Table in King, WI, and went swimming. IMG_3877


The kids enjoyed the Chain O Lakes tour, but they thought a 30 minute tour would have been just as nice as the hour and a half… I myself, enjoyed the 90 minute tour…. but that’s just me (I’m not 4 or 7 :))


While on the Chain O Lakes boat tour, Audrey found a nice comfy spot on the floor of the boat, looking down


On Sunday we went on a bike ride, went to the park and played mini golf as a family before heading out at around 2pm. IMG_3834

It was an easy-going trip, and in the happiest news, Audrey continued to potty train even with the change of scenery. She is about 70% right now – still having accidents 30% of the time. I’m happy with this considering she still can’t talk well :-0

IMG_3893         IMG_3859Camping is really one of our favorite family past-times, it is a relaxing, relatively cheap vacation that doesn’t require too much planning. Thankfully after a while, you can just use the same plans over and over again, which makes it nice and easy!

When you’re there it’s a laid-back, slow-down atmosphere with little to no technology. Because you can camp practically anywhere, we’re also able to plan other trips and sight-seeing on top of the camp site which is such an incredible gift, especially with homeschooling.

Field Trip: Milwaukee County Zoo

IMG_3806This past week (August 8th) the kids and I headed to the Milwaukee County Zoo to meet up with my sister and her kids for a fun field trip. IMG_3801I have lived in Wisconsin since I was 9 years old and have never been to this zoo. After paying to get in, I can see why :) It was a little pricey, but it is truly a beautiful zoo. I really enjoyed it. IMG_3772

As excited as she was to be there, sadly, only a half hour after we got there and situated Audrey ended up getting the stomach flu, and yes, it was as AWFUL as it sounds. She ended up throwing up all over herself, me and the reptile building floor. Thank God, my sister was there – seriously, I don’t know what I would have done without her. There I was 2 hours away from home, with a sick baby and two kids whose only desire in the world at that moment was to see the animals. IMG_3804We spent 4 hours total at the zoo, it was truly a beautiful day – a perfect day (weather wise). The older kids had a good time, excluding the fact that mom’s nerves were frayed and to say I was “uptight” would be a little bit of an understatement. IMG_3800Treyton’s biggest disappointment was that he had really wanted to go to the Sea Lion show, but after Audrey got sick, all I could manage was  getting the kids to see as many animals as we could and sitting with Audrey was just not an option.          IMG_3770

At the end of the day, we decided to take the train ride. This was a highlight for the older kids. IMG_3810 



IMG_3820Poor Audrey not only missed most of the zoo but I felt helpless as I watched her deteriorate more and more as the day went on. By the time she got home she was beyond lethargic and her fever was at 102.5 she could barely move – after not keeping anything down ALL day, she hadn’t cried even once – I mean I barely even got a moan out of her. Gratefully she was over it by morning…. and so far no one else has gotten it. IMG_3822And check it out ---- big mama got a new t-shirt through the whole deal!  IMG_3769