Friday, August 24, 2012

Baby Appointment Update 31 Weeks

We had our first two week baby appointment this morning. Baby sounded great, his heart rate was at 147. I am measuring at 32 weeks and according to their records I have put on 25 pounds.
They did notice, however that my blood pressure is slightly elevated. They took it three times while I was there, and each time it read 120s/85ish. I tend to have very low blood pressure, with my bottom number reading in the 60s. For this reason, and because there was slight protein in my urine, they decided to run a few test to be sure I wasn't developing preeclampsia again.
We got the test results this afternoon and everything came back normal!! Praise God!!
This means one of two things. I could have had slightly elevated blood pressure because of a headache I have. OR I could be developing pregnancy induced high blood pressure. This would mean that they would possibly want to put me on some type of blood pressure medication and/or bed rest.
They are having me come in next week, Friday, for another blood pressure check at which time we will know a lot more.
At this point I am just do grateful it's not preeclampsia and that if it is something that at the very least it is treatable with something other than Pre-term delivery!
Please pray for Tim and I as we not only get through the next week but also prepare ourselves for any possible medical decisions that we may need to make regarding me and baby boy T.
Resting today in His sovereign hands!
The Schoessow Family

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For His Glory said...

I'll be praying. Rest in Him. Love Jaime