Monday, August 13, 2012

Rustic Woods Camping: August 10th-12th


We went camping at the Rustic Woods Campground (site W4). It was a shorter camping trip than usual, because Tim had to work until 5 on Friday, but it was still awesome. IMG_3841Thankfully Waupaca is only an hour a way, so we were able to get there, set up and even have some s’mores before turning in for the night. IMG_3838

The weather was absolutely beautiful this weekend. I mean seriously, beautiful – perfect weather for camping! IMG_3844



Saturday we played at the park in the campground, went on the Chain O Lakes boat tour (touring 8 of the 21 lakes connected in central Wisconsin), ate lunch at the King’s Table in King, WI, and went swimming. IMG_3877


The kids enjoyed the Chain O Lakes tour, but they thought a 30 minute tour would have been just as nice as the hour and a half… I myself, enjoyed the 90 minute tour…. but that’s just me (I’m not 4 or 7 :))


While on the Chain O Lakes boat tour, Audrey found a nice comfy spot on the floor of the boat, looking down


On Sunday we went on a bike ride, went to the park and played mini golf as a family before heading out at around 2pm. IMG_3834

It was an easy-going trip, and in the happiest news, Audrey continued to potty train even with the change of scenery. She is about 70% right now – still having accidents 30% of the time. I’m happy with this considering she still can’t talk well :-0

IMG_3893         IMG_3859Camping is really one of our favorite family past-times, it is a relaxing, relatively cheap vacation that doesn’t require too much planning. Thankfully after a while, you can just use the same plans over and over again, which makes it nice and easy!

When you’re there it’s a laid-back, slow-down atmosphere with little to no technology. Because you can camp practically anywhere, we’re also able to plan other trips and sight-seeing on top of the camp site which is such an incredible gift, especially with homeschooling.

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