Sunday, August 26, 2012

When Did Seven Happen?

My baby turns seven today. IMG_4251


It wasn’t easy, but I let him. IMG_4246 Let him turn seven that is.

I’m still not sure it was a good idea (on my part, I mean) letting him turn seven, and all.

Birthdays are a big deal in our house. Anticipated for months before their actual arrival and our harry-legged little man has been talking about this day for a while now.  IMG_4231It wasn’t all that long ago that my short-haired, chubby cheeked toddler couldn’t even count to seven, let alone BE seven! Where has the time gone?  IMG_4265Since bringing this dark-eyed bundle home from the hospital time has seemed to fly at a much faster pace. IMG_4287I can’t seem to explain it, and maybe I’m a little scared to think on it for too long, at the risk of wasting more of it – but I just can’t understand when this all happened? IMG_4269When the things of yesterday left us, and the things of today appeared.  IMG_4282I remember much from the days gone past with him. His chubby little hands, short hair, tough spirit and eagerness to conquer.When his days were filled with sippy cups, misunderstood jabber, trucks, dinosaurs, and tricycles. IMG_4300But that’s not where we are today. IMG_4298_edited-1Today:

Our little man’s chub has been replaced with a toned six-pack.

His short hair is now being grown out to one day (hopefully) be pulled back into it’s very own ponytail!

The tricycle has been forgotten for faster means of transportation.

The trucks and dinosaurs moved aside for baseballs and legos.

His tough spirit and eagerness to conquer remain, but even they have been changed. Changed to reflect a little bit more understanding, and a healthy dose of fear.  IMG_4291I am so grateful for all the memories the Lord has blessed me with this incredible young man, and as life continues to fly by me, I pray I remember today. IMG_4317The day he turns seven. The day that another year is closed while a new one opens to him.  IMG_4315The reality is, I can’t go back, I can’t stop time BUT I can hold on to today while it’s here, and make the most of the moments I have, however short they may be. IMG_4332I want to do my best to remember the good, forget the bad and learn from the worst.

So this day, Treyton’s seventh-year day, I want to remember it for as long as I can. To not wish away whether forward or backward and to make today the best I can for our changing boy-to-man. IMG_4333

Time changes everything, nothing goes untouched. Everything but the ONE that made time. I praise Him that He is left untouched, unchanged and unaffected by time. Because on days like today, days that my baby boy turns seven, that truth is what I need to get through this amazing time.


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Ashley Skye said...

What an Amazing growing Boy - It seems like yesterday he runnig across the room calling Antie Eye!!!

I love watching him grow, look forward to the future AND miss the past.

Treyton I Thank God everyday for you!! You made me an AUNT!!! And I will remember those days for the rest of my life.