Friday, September 14, 2012

Baby Update 34 Weeks

This morning we had our 34 week appointment.

I had been monitoring my blood pressure from home the last couple of weeks, so I was expecting my blood pressure to still be a little high, and it was.

The first reading they got was 128/98, with trace amounts of protein in my urine. They had me lay on my left side and then came in to do another reading, this time is was 142/98.

The doctor came in a few minutes later and sent me right away to labor and delivery for blood work, and constant blood pressure monitoring. While in Labor and Delivery my blood pressure was hanging around the 130/80s.

Thankfully my blood work came back good and they let me come home on moderate bed rest – which basically means I can move from place to place, but can’t do anything in between. On Sunday I will be collecting a 24 hour urine to bring in on Monday morning (9:00am) at which time I will have an ultrasound and another check up.

At this point, the big concern is preeclampsia, particularly because I had developed it with Audrey (my last pregnancy). The biggest concern at this time is that preeclampsia can develop at any time (literally from day to day) so if the high blood pressure remains I will be under more constant observation to be sure that it isn’t developing.

I’m not sure exactly what the plan will be after Monday, if the tests are all good. At any point if I do begin to develop preeclampsia I will be admitted into the hospital until the baby comes. Being only 34 weeks Dr. P has already said that she would work very hard at keeping the baby in as long as we could until at least 37 weeks, which is a relief to hear, but means that we would have some decisions to make as far as medication and intervention goes.

Please keep us in your prayers as we get through these next few weeks not only that I don’t go stir crazy, but that Tim and I are able to make the best decisions for our family.

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Virginia Lee said...


I will lift you and the new boyo and your family up in prayer. I was on complete bed rest with Caroline (our second) for 4 weeks. It was very challenging at the time, but oh how grateful I was when she stayed in till 35 weeks.

God willing the moderate bed rest will do the trick and mama and baby will stay healthy for as long as needed. Good thing you have a 7 year old this time around. Bed rest would be crazy with only a 4 and 2 year old. =)

But all joking aside, I realize how serious this is and you'll have this mama's prayers. God is good and He is in control. So we can rest in that.