Thursday, September 13, 2012

Point Beach Camping: August 18th- 20th, 2012


August 18th thru 20th we went on a camping trip with some of our extended family to Point Beach State Park.

We had never been to this park, but we thoroughly enjoyed it. I already have our sites booked for next year, in fact. The campground is located right on Lake Michigan, which we love.

While we were there, we did a little tester on Treyton’s bike, seeing if he could haul the trailer on his bike with his sisters in it…. no surprise, he could.

IMG_4005The next test was to see if he could haul big mama… and while he did it, the trailer itself seemed to be a little past it’s weight limit prime. IMG_4013

We arrived at dinner time the first night, so the real fun didn’t really start until Sunday. Sunday morning we headed down to see the beach, water and sand are always a sure favorite for the Schoessow children.

IMG_4015When we went down in the morning, a storm was rolling in, but luckily it missed us, but it was still amazing to watch across the water. IMG_4020

(Our brother-in-law, Tom and Carter)

IMG_4021 The boys had a rock throwing contest, upon Treyton’s request. IMG_4042Treyton was declared the champion, and was overly proud of himself. IMG_4047While surrounded by such beauty, we decided to try and snap a few family pictures… here is one of the Deich Family

IMG_4054 …. and our family

IMG_4063 … and Mommer and Papa

IMG_4075It was so relaxing to just sit along the beach and watch the kids play for a while.

IMG_4116After taking a break we headed back in the afternoon, when the sun was out to take a short dip in the water and to dig and play in the sand even more! IMG_4117 



IMG_4154 The boys ended up making a turtle in the sand, which I think turned out super cute.


Alexa, not wanting to miss out, made a smaller version with Daddy-o as well.

IMG_4196The following day, before we headed out, we went down to see the lighthouse. IMG_4189Point Beach is really a beautiful park, and even though we only spent really one full day there, it was very enjoyable. I can’t wait to go back next year for even longer.

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Ashley Skye said...

I love the pictures Thank you again for sharing. You are inspiring me by the way - I think that my new years resolution is to start updating my blog with things about my kids and events that we do - that way I cant print the books for them!! I think they would enjoy having them later in life!!!!