Saturday, September 29, 2012

Titus Update 9/29/2012

It has been six days since my last update and I feel like so much has happened! img 059

After 11 days at the NICU, Titus came home on September 27th!! It was such a day to celebrate, followed by a (teensy weensy) bit of anxiety on mama’s part. It was surprisingly comforting to know that we had a team of doctors and nurses there to step in if at any time Titus decided to stop eating or…. whatever else. In the end however, the excitement and relief far out weigh any anxiety I felt. That, and and amazing husband who continues to remind me that God is in control, and that Titus is doing great.

But I guess I should back up and take this a day at a time.

Monday, September 24th (1 Week Old)

Was a pretty ordinary day as far as Titus’ performance went. Titus nippled 45% which was around the same that he had done the two days prior.

The big things that happened this day were having visitors. His Aunt Tami stopped in bright and early (6:45ish) to visit for a while. img 001

And then, later that afternoon, we had the kids come by and visit. Sadly, after the first two days in the NICU a nurse realized that our kids had not received their vaccinations (which had gone unnoticed up to this point) and they were no longer allowed to enter the NICU. Regardless, the kids ended up getting colds a day later any way, but it was VERY frustrating, to not be able to allow them to come and hold, touch or even visit their baby brother. img 002

They did offer a family room there with a window into the playroom that the kids were able to look into and see Titus. img 005They were there for about an hour and were able to talk to him through an intercom and to at least get to see his face. img 004

That night, Tim and I gave Titus his first bath (by us) in the family room. img 007I too, ended up getting a cold, so 99% of the time I was wearing a mask (which is why you will see very few pictures of me from this point on, as I preferred to be behind the camera)  img 009     

Tuesday, September 25th

img 011 (Here is Titus enjoying his first sun rise with Dad in the Family Room :))

Another fairly “usual” day in the NICU, except that Tim was not able to join me on our afternoon trip. At his 6:30 feeding, I saw him finally “get” his sucking down for the first time. He only did it for about a minute but it was like watching a newborn (vs. a preemie) suck a bottle…. for a minute!! I was crying and praying and trying to pay attention to what he was doing all at the same time. It was a beautiful moment.

Wednesday, September 26th

Titus really turned around over night and started sucking down a decent portion of his bottle. His Dr. decided that today could be his ad-lib day!! This was sooner than we had expected (I was praying for Thursday, but realistically thinking Friday). At about noon they removed his feeding tube. img 017He did fairly well throughout the day, but wasn’t rocking it the way that we had hoped he would. However, all he needed to get was 80% of his goal. img 015 

Other than the few moments after birth, I had not seen Titus without his feeding tube…. and it was just what I expected…. still a bundle of cuteness!! img 016

Titus also had his circumcision this day, which was a little worrisome because some babies, after being circumcised (particularly preemies we were told) will go on an eating strike…. this we obviously did not want.

Thursday, September 27th

We called the NICU first thing in the morning to see how he did overnight and his numbers were still so-so, fairly good, so we knew it could go either way on if they would let us bring him home or not.

We arrived at the NICU around 9:30 and saw the doctor soon after. She said as long as he passed his 90 minute car seat apnea test that he was free to go, that though he was shy of his goal, he did exceed the 80% – he ate 264ml of his 310ml goal which put him at 85%! img 022

He passed his car seat and hearing test no problem img 024and at 1:30 we were ready to go home!!! img 028

The kids had made some signs for Titus I believe the day (or day after) he was born, waiting for him to come home….img 035 They were so excited to finally put them up and were waiting for us in the yard when we pulled up. img 036

img 040Each one of them wanted to hold him pretty badly, but they all still had colds so we were pretty insistent on hand washing and lots and lots of hand sanitizer. img 045

Oh… yeah…. but how do you say no to first kisses???? img 043

It was such a GREAT DAY!!!  

img 049

Friday, September 28th

We had an appointment with our normal pediatrician at 9:00am, Titus weighed in at 5 pounds 1 ounce, passing the five pound mark for the first time!! img 060

The pediatrician was going to have us come in again next week for an appointment until we told him we had bought a baby scale, to which he said he would call us on Monday for his weight and that as long as it was good, we could wait a MONTH to come in!! More great news.img 068That afternoon I gave Titus his first bath at home, while dad and the kids were at the store. img 053I had wanted to wait, knowing that Treyton really wanted to help with a bath, img 072but we’re learning that you really have to work around Titus’ schedule and not your own, otherwise, he exhausts his energy and doesn’t eat as well. img 074

(Loving us some hand sanitizer)     img 077

img 078 

Saturday, September 29th

I have honestly appreciated bringing all of my babies home from the hospital, and rejoiced in knowing that a new normal was about to start, but obviously this time my gratitude has multiplied in a HUGE way. Having our family all together, and watching us start to get the hang of having a baby around, again….. it’s such a gift. img 088It is literally a full time job keeping up with his eating – he is still exclusively bottle fed so I’m bottle-feeding (which still takes about 25-30 minutes to get down 1.5 ounces) and pumping. However, it’s totally worth the work, knowing that he’s getting my milk. And we still have our moms rotating through to help us out for another week (thank you moms)!!  img 087His eating today has picked up a lot since the afternoon and it is taking a lot less time to get down a bottle (almost half). I’m thinking on Monday, once his sucking is even more established trying to transition him to the breast. img 082The kids have been awesome. I’m not thinking jealousy is going to be our issue, he is constantly fought over and begged for. It’s such a blessing to see each child love and protect him in their own way. img 083

We are so blessed beyond measure. To God be the glory!!

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Ashley Skye said...

Your kids are GREAT big brother & Sisters. It is so fun to watch them with their babies (Titus, Grant, Ethan) They are so good with them and have so much love to give.

It is crazy to watch Titus transition from birth, to NICU, now to home and how great he is doing. Holding him was well....WOW....I dont think you can even imagine the experience until you hold a baby that tiny.

Keep growing baby Titus I have more clothes for you :)