Sunday, October 14, 2012

First Tooth Lost!! Or Two

It’s been a while now, but for obvious reasons, I didn’t post this sooner, BUT that doesn’t mean it wasn’t HUGE news in the Schoessow house. 9.14.12 011

On September 14th, Treyon lost his first tooth! He had been waiting SOOO long to loose a tooth.

I actually had my doctors appointment that morning (the one where I got admitted to Labor and Delivery and was then put on bed rest). When Tim came back to the hospital to pick me up, with the kids, they told me it was REALLY loose. 9.14.12 010

Treyton came up to show me and right then, outside of AMC, he pulled it out himself.

He knew that I wanted to be there when he lost it, I think he was waiting for me :) Isn’t he a sweetheart?!?!

He actually lost his second tooth on the 18th, the day after Titus was born. He came into the hospital room sporting a whole new look :)!!!   


Steve Finnell said...

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Ashley Skye said...

Way to go Treyton!! How is it he is big enough to lose 2 teeth!!! It is crazy to me as I picture him as this little tike waddling around (loving on Eye) It is so much fun watching him grown & having all the memories of his life. Thank you for letting me be apart of your lives.