Monday, December 3, 2012

Christmas Decorating

This weekend we decorated the house for Christmas. 

IMG 5529

We found a great little tree cutting farm right outside of Green Bay (on the East side) called Aissen Tree Farm. We've never used them before, but I have a feeling we'll go back to them. 

IMG 5531

IMG 5548

Thankfully the weather was relatively warm, so the kids actually enjoyed it this year! 

IMG 5536

Treyton was insistent on helping dad cut down the tree this year. It wasn't even Thanksgiving before he was asking me about doing it. 

IMG 5537

And he was able to help a little. 

IMG 5553

IMG 5541

Inside the shop was a little gingerbread house, hot chocolate and cider, tons of ornaments and wreaths. 

IMG 5544

IMG 5549

IMG 5556

After we got home the decorating began.

IMG 5566

The kids love decorating the tree, and it's always a great practice of patience as it takes mom much longer than they would like to unwrap each individual ornament while the three (older kids) of them wait. 

IMG 5576

IMG 5578

IMG 5585

We went all out with the lights this year - putting them in the kids room, on the tree, above the mantel around the dining room door. I LOVE it! If you ask me you can't have too many lights!! 

IMG 5599

IMG 5603

Treyton and Audrey worked on putting out the kids nativity set this year, while Alexa put some nativity wall decals up. 

IMG 5609

Alexa got to put the star on the top of the tree this year, as Treyton has done it for the last couple of years. She loved it!! 

IMG 5614

I love this time of year… the lights and stockings the transformation of the house as we prepare for Jesus' Birthday. I treasure these memories with my kids and family. 

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Ashley Skye said...

I also love this time of year and decorating!! I cant wait to get some pictures of the kids tonight in front of the tree!!

I LVOE YOUR decorations and I LOVE the picture of Audrey hugging dad while he was cutting the tree down - Treyton is getting so big being able to help dad!! Lexis is beautiful as always!!