Monday, December 31, 2012


We enjoyed a relaxing Christmas Eve and Christmas Day at home this year.

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Christmas Eve 

For the first time, we had the kids find the pickle ornament on the tree, despite placing it at the girls eye level Treyton still found it fairly easily. 

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There were no worries though because we had a gift for each of the older three kids to open. In years past we gave all the kids jambes on Christmas Eve, but this year for some reason, we have an abundance of pjs and I just couldn't see buying any more, merely for traditions sake, so this year we did a game for each of them instead. 

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Most of the time TItus was a content on looker for the gift opening, having daddy do most of the grunt work for him :) 

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For our Christmas Eve meal we ate a late lunch rather than a dinner because Church's Christmas Eve service was at 4:30. We enjoyed a roasted leg of lamb, cheesy mashed potatoes, brussel sprouts and apple snicker salad. And of course Christmas Cookies for desert. 

After the Christmas Eve service the kids got to open their Christmas Stockings which were full of little toys and trinkets, a DVD or CD and toothbrushes. 

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Christmas Day

Christmas morning, mom and dad opened their presents first - Tim got a french coffee press thinner majigger, and mom got a new fryer. 

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The kids each got three gifts:

IMG 5895

Audrey got:

1. Zoobs to build with 

2. Building Blocks from Learning Resources 

3. Kindle Fire loaded with apps and books for her to read and play on

IMG 5898

Titus got: 

1. The Movie Brave

2. a Wind up TV toy 

3. Jesus Calling Story Bible 

IMG 5901

Treyton got: 

1. Lego Hulk 

2. Wii Wipeout Game 

3. Kindle Fire

IMG 5902

Alexa got:

1. Lego Olivia's Tree House

2. DS Magic Tree House Ocean Floor Game 

3. Kindle Fire 


IMG 5904

IMG 5905

We got a good deal on the Kindle Fires on cyber monday. The kids have LOVED them. I love the Free Time app which allows the kids to only have access to the books and apps that I say they can read and look at as well as a time management option. I have it set so they can only play apps for so many minutes a day, but they have unlimited access to books and reading. AMAZING!  

We had a very nice relaxing Christmas this year. We kept it pretty simple and I was still overwhelmed and caught up with the busyness of the season at times. 

We were very grateful for our Jesse Tree this year (even more than last year) as it kept us grounded in the reason for the season. THe kids not only saw the true focus for the season, but half of it was amazing review of the school history we've done thus far, and the other half a preview of what's to come. :) 

Grateful for such blessings and gifts the Lord has once again shown us not only on Christmas Day but throughout the year. 

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