Saturday, December 15, 2012

Clams and Coconut

This past week I had taken the kids grocery shopping with me. While we were there we found two new items we wanted to try. 

First, as we were going through the produce section we stumbled upon a coconut. Of course, we've all had the shredded, sugar coated coconut, as well as coconut water and coconut milk. But the kids had never tried an actual coconut (that I know of). 
IMG 5683

So we for somewhere around $3, we decided to give it a whirl. 

IMG 5681

IMG 5683

Dad graciously helped us to first drill a hole in our coconut to drink of it's tasty water, IMG 5684

IMG 5686

IMG 5687

IMG 5688

and then cracked it open, and painstakingly peeled out all of the delicious "meat" for us to feast on.

IMG 5689

It was AMAZING!! I'm tempted to pick one up every week (or, I could be honest and just say "have Tim pick one up" seeings as how he normally does the grocery shopping), but will probably hold off for the sake of my man.

THe second item we picked up this week were clams. Treyton had read about clams in the second boxcar children book this week in school and was completely psyched to see them on the other side of the glass in the seafood department at the store. For $0.88 a piece I picked up four of them. Coincidentally, Alexa has started reading words with consonant blends this week and was wondering what a "clam" was after reading it. Of course I explained to her what it was, but what better way than to SHOW her… am I right? 

IMG 5673

When we got home we steamed them up right away. 

IMG 5675

Alexa would not even attempt to try one, with which I agree, I am certain there was NO way she would have gotten it down. Treyton, who actually eats almost anything, got it into his mouth…..

IMG 5676

but it was only there for a few seconds before he spit it back out. 

IMG 5677

Needless to say, I don't think we will be buying clams again (in any other form than clam chowder soup) any time soon. 


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