Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Christmas Break Projects

We took two weeks off of school for Christmas Break this year. I ended up getting lots of projects done which felt great. 

The first project I worked on was getting Audrey's 1 Year Scrapbook album started and finished. Yes, you heard right, 1 year album, and yes, she will be 3 in March. Better late than never right? This project took nearly two days straight. My dear mother-in-law had offered to take a few of the kids for a couple of nights - we sent the two girls, and I was able to work on the scrap book, with the two boys. :)

I also made the older two kids new hats, Treyton wanted a Green Bay Packer one, easy enough.

IMG 5992

Plus I made it just in time for him to go to his first Packer game this past Saturday night!!! (Post on that coming soon!) 

IMG 6017

Alexa wanted a purple flower one. (I made her a hat using this pattern)

IMG 6000

For Titus we made a first year ornament from our Christmas Tree trunk. I got this idea from a friends post on Facebook. LOVE it! We decided to do Titus' ornament from a smaller portion of the trunk so that it could hang easily on our tree - but went ahead and cut off the bottom of our tree and burned the year on it to have for maybe a future project with our Christmas trees. 

IMG 6016

For Audrey, I made some leg warmers - which I would really rather made from a different type of yarn, but I went with what i had and they work okay, but I think I will be making a new pair soon. 

IMG 6156

IMG 6177

For myself, I made a scarf - Tim's sister, Toni, had made me one similar to this for Christmas that was green and tan, and I loved it so much I decided I wanted another. LOVE the design, and they are pretty simple to make. 

IMG 6012

Our biggest project for the season was definitely the Family Birthday Boards we made. My sister-in-law, Tami had told me about at our family Christmas on the 22nd. We had all three of them done (ours, Tim's mom's and my mom's) by the following weekend!! They were a little labor intensive but the finished project was TOTALLY worth it. 

IMG 5970

My mom's 

IMG 5977

Tim's Mom's

IMG 6183

and finally ours 

IMG 6185

Each of them are color-coded by family, they are WAY cool (if I do say so myself). 

Finally, Alexa and Audrey needed somewhere to hang all of their necklaces, as they had grown out of Alexa's jewelry box. So we had the idea to have Alexa paint on a canvas (that I had drawn on), and attach hooks to it to hang them on. It turned out really cute, and I love the idea of using something that she made. 

IMG 5987


IMG 5989

The colors aren't showing up real well on the pictures, but it's way cute, and I love that she made it herself. 
IMG 6089
Overall, we had a very productive break, now it's time to get back to school!! We are exactly halfway through our school year and looking forward to what's to come!! 

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