Monday, February 25, 2013

A Glimpse Into Our Day

After lunch, Treyton and I were finishing up some school. The girls were playing with baby dolls in the living room. 

All of a sudden Alexa cries "NOOOOO Audrey, that's the baby's potty, not yours!!" I look into the living room and see Audrey with her pants down standing next to the (fake) baby toilet. I run over. There is in fact liquid in the (very small) toilet.

I said "Audrey did you pee in the baby toilet?"

Audrey says "No." 

I look closely and it isn't yellow at all, so maybe it's water? I don't waste too much time with the details, I dump the water, clean out the toilet with soap (just in case and move on). 

About five minutes later Audrey was starting to get a little testier with both Rustie (the puppy) and Alexa, so I figured it was time for her nap. I told her to go potty, as I grabbed Titus from his swing to change his diaper (if you're going to do one, you might as well do two, right?) 

Alexa asks if she can let Rustie outside, I say "Yes, but you need to keep an eye on her." 

When I sat down on the floor to change his diaper, I am looking into the bathroom…. I see water…. LOTS of water, covering the floor. 

"Ummm, where did this water come from?" 

I walk into the bathroom to find various baby bottles and toys spread about.

I guess I got my answer.

I grab several towels and start mopping up the water when I hear Alexa yell "Rustie's running!!" 

"What!?!?!" I say as I run out of the bathroom, jumping over Titus, who still lays in the middle of the floor awaiting his diaper change. 

"She's running away!" 

By this time I can see Rustie, she is in fact running away from the house, but not too far, and not at an intentional run-away pace. She's at a more frolicking in the snow type pace. So my heart begins to calm. 

I go back to the bathroom and finish mopping up. I get diapers on both Audrey and Titus. Lay Audrey down, pick Titus up (from the middle of the floor) and head back to finish working with Treyton on his handwriting. 

I sit down and Alexa says "Mom, Rustie has paper in her mouth." 

I look down as Alexa extracts what seemingly looks like poopy toilet paper/paper towel. "Ewwwww." Alexa says as she plops it in my lap. "That's poop!!!" 

"Where did this come from?" I ask. No one seems to have any answers for me. 

Now for the record this is the second mysterious poop incident of the day, and I am now well aware of the fact that either a bag of cleaned up dog poop or a well-intentioned kid has landed astray somewhere that Rustie is aware of but that I, apparently, am not. 

I go into the kitchen to grab hand-sanitizer and cleaner, when I look over to Rustie's dish where there is literally dog food ALL around the bowl, but with none (not a single pebble) in the bowl. Audrey, I know, likes to feed Rustie her food one at a time, but is clearly faster at taking them out of the bowl, than Rustie is at eating them up which has led to (more times than once), piles of food all over the kitchen floor and a spotless dog dish. So I clean up the food, clean up the poopy paper towel, sanitize my hands, Lexie's hands, the floor where Rustie was sitting and anywhere else I can think of, but still…. I have found no poo. Hmmm…. I guess it will continue to be an unsolved mystery for now. 

I make my way back to Treyton, he has finished his handwriting, and it looks pretty good. 

"Whew", I think, "feels good to have another subject down!":) 


Jessica-MomForHim said...

Too funny!

Michelle said...

That sounds exactly like my days! You are not alone! :) Some days all I can say got to be kidding me!

I'm glad Titus is doing well. I followed along without commenting...who has time to comment?!