Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Treasure Pondered: Lessons on Grace

We are currently going through the book of John with Treyton for his reading/Bible. He reads several verses and then Tim or I (whoever is reading with him) will exposit the verses with him. Treyton's goal is to read the book of John this year, and he's made good head-way thus far. We've just read to chapter 9. 

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This morning as we were reading in Chapter 8 Jesus was talking to the Jews about who their father was - they claimed it was Abraham, but Jesus said that it was the devil. 

Treyton was a bit more curious about this section and as we began talking we got off on a little "bunny trail" on grace and true salvation. 

We talked about how the Pharisees were the people that Jesus confronted the most. And they were the "best" church people. They were the ones that everyone else looked up to as how to live. They were really good at keeping the rules. They listened really good to their mom's and dad's and the commandments that God had given them. BUT their heart wasn't right. In the end, they cared more about what people thought about them, and LOOKING good, than they did about God and living a life set apart for Him. 

I explained how going to church and being good really means nothing for our salvation. Those things are good and are gifts for us, as His children but they are not WHY we are His children. 

Treyton looked at me and said "I have a really hard time remembering this. I know it. And when I'm bad, it's easy for me to remember how much I need Jesus, but when I'm being good, that's when it's hard." 

I said "Wow, Treyton, I know exactly what you're saying because it's the same for me."

"The Bible is like a reminder book." He said. 

"It really is." I agreed

"The first time you read it, it's like a teaching book, and then if you read it again it's a good reminder."

"That's absolutely right, the BIble is a living book, God made it so that every time we read it, it has the power to change us and teach us. 

"Wow, that's really cool, huh mom?" 

"Yeah, it really is." 


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