Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Audrey's 3rd Birthday

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Time is flying by. I can't believe how fast it goes, truly. I've heard people say that my entire life, but when it's happening to you personally it's surreal, really. 

Audrey turned 3 on March 11th. 

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Thanks to her Dad, her day was very special. I'll out myself a bit and say that while I did do all the birthday shopping and present wrapping, her birthday snuck up on me.  The night before, I was exhausted from a church event we had and really didn't want to decorate - Tim stuck it out though and decorated and even put her "big present" together staying up until well into the night. 

I'm so grateful for his selfless actions because it proved well worth it - this is the first year Audrey seemed to actually "get it". She was very proud of herself for turning 3! :) 

When she woke up and saw the decorations her eyes lit up and she literally jumped for joy - I can still see her reaction in my minds eye, and I treasure it. 

We made cinnamon rolls for breakfast and while they baked we had her open her presents. 

IMG 6634

She got a few educational games, a bike helmet, a jewelry box, a soft bat and ball and doll house people. 

That's right, just the people - the dollhouse came later. 

After breakfast. 

We researched doll houses for about a month before I finally decided on the one we got. It was a tough decision, but in the end I wanted one that could grow with her, and that I didn't have to keep adding to (I never do well with those types of toys). This one was large, so all the kids could play with it together, it came with all the room furnishings and could fit all different size dolls. It's a rather large dollhouse, and coincidentally we recently separated the girls, putting Alexa in the nursery with Titus, which gave use plenty of room to put it in Audrey's room. IMG 6637

The kids (all of them) loved it. And Audrey did to, which is what really mattered. 

After Audrey opened her gifts Daddy went to work. 

We spent the day playing with toys :) IMG 6629

That evening Treyton had piano, we went as a family. Afterwards we took her to the local Japanese restaurant for hibachi (we do this for every birthday our family has ---- we can't get enough and it's always a good time!!) 

It was a great day, celebrating her birth! 

I love that it was the first year she actually understood that today we were celebrating her and the gift that she was to us from God. She sang herself happy birthday several times and spent most of the day singing or jumping --- for me, I think that means a happy birthday. 

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wendy said...

Looks like a happy day for everyone!! Cute pictures and love the doll house!