Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Alexa-ism: Keeping Audrey

Alexa: Are you planning on keeping Audrey? 

Me: What? 

Alexa: Like, are you planning on keeping her?

Me: What do you mean? 

Alexa: Are you going to bring her to a new house?

Me: Why would I do that? 

Alexa: Like would you bring her to a new house to live? 

Me: Why would I do that? 

Alexa: Or shoot her? With a gun, ya know? 

Me: Why would I do that? 

Alexa: I'm just wondering if you're going to keep her or not? 

Me: Yes, I'm going to keep her. Why wouldn't I? 

Alexa: Well, because she's bossy and stuff. 

Me: Is she? 

Alexa: Yeah

Me: Well, I still plan on keeping her no matter what! 

Alexa: Oh, okay. 

I was just wondering because Dad said he was going to keep me, and I know he'll keep me, so I was just wondering if you guys are going to keep Audrey or not. 

Me: Oh, I see. 

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Creativity Displayed

Last night, we had a winter thunder storm. 

This morning after talking to my kids about it, I saw once again, through the "little" things their beautiful personalities revealed. 

Throughout the night there were periods of pretty loud thunder and lightning. 

Audrey, our light sleeper woke up and crawled into bed with us 4 or 5 times. The first time legitimately scared, I believe she had had a nightmare about Titus and something about outside. I consoled her and cuddled with her for a while and we brought her back to bed. The next three times, I'm sure the thunder had woke her up, but she didn't seem to be scared of it as much as enjoying cuddling in mom and dad's bed. 

This morning when I asked the older two kids if they had heard the thunder Treyton (our heaviest sleeper) was like "What? There was a storm?" 

Which is funny, considering the thunder at one point seemed to shake the entire house and the frozen rain was like little nails hitting our house most of the night, but whatever, I'm not bitter, I'm just glad one of us got a good nights sleep. :) 

Alexa said "I didn't know it was raining, but yes I saw the thunder and lightning in my dream! It was all different colors and beautiful like it was dancing." 


I love it…. same storm, three different kids, three totally different experiences. 

What a creative Creator He is!! 

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Family Easter Celebration

What a blessed weekend we spent as a family, celebrating the resurrection of our Savior.

The goal was to focus was on Christ and what he did, to remember the pain and suffering He bore, for us. 

IMG 6767

We borrowed the idea from Ann Voskamp using a grapevine wreath and toothpicks for each rebellious act that needed repentance. To our shame, the wreath filled more quickly than one would hope. 

IMG 6763

Saturday morning, was a time for just our family to celebrate and remember what this holiday means to us. 

IMG 6771

We started with the resurrection eggs to tell the incredible story of a grace that we cannot possibly understand, but that through faith we believe. 

IMG 6782

The kids were given baskets and a lego set to represent the greatest gift ever given. 

IMG 6785

IMG 6795

We spent most of the morning assembling and creating together, it was a lot of fun, to just hang out and play with nothing else pulling at our attention. 

IMG 6798

Audrey received her first normal sized lego set of her own, Alexa added a convertible to her Friends ® collection, while Treyton got a gas truck (and tank) to add to his city ®. 

IMG 6801

IMG 6819

Next was the meal, begun by breaking bread together and the man of steel lead us in a symbol of remembrance. 

IMG 6820


IMG 6816

After a small discussion and prayer, each member ate and drank. 

IMG 6821

IMG 6822

So grateful for all He has done, and the unmeasurable greatness from which He has blessed us with. 

IMG 6825


IMG 6831