Thursday, May 23, 2013

Texas or Bust!!

We recently were blessed enough to take a family vacation. We actually planned it as part of our Schoessow (extended) family Christmas. We rotate picking a theme each year and 5 years ago when it was Tim and I's turn we planned a trip to Florida, this time around we picked San Antonio to visit together.

We (the entire family) rented an 8 bedroom house on the Guadalupe River, near San Antonio for the whole family. Each family took their own time and route getting there. Interestingly enough not a single family took the same route. 

Family trip to San Antonio, Texas:

Our (immediate) family spent a few days driving down we went through Iowa, Missouri, Kansas and Oklahoma before dropping down into Texas.

On our way home we took a detour to Louisiana to visit my dad before heading back up through St. Louis.

It was a very fun trip , it took us about 12 days. 

Screen Shot 2013 05 21 at 11 01 15 PM

May 3rd, 2013 

We left about 8 in the morning, Friday May 3rd. We were planning on leaving earlier than that, but Titus ended up not sleeping the majority of the night on Thursday, so we decided to sleep in. :) 

IMG 7260

The first day, we drove most of the day making it through Iowa, Kansas City and part of Kanas.

Side note (for anyone who's interested): we stopped at a restaurant in Iowa for lunch called "The Class Act" - it was super yummy, and a great meal to start the trip off!! We would highly recommend it. 

We stayed in Wichita, Kansas for the night. 

May 4th, 2013

The following morning, May 4th, we headed out and made it to Oklahoma by 10am!! It was cold and windy. 

IMG 7272

Our first stop was at my Grandma's old house in Norman, Oklahoma. We took a picture with the kids on the front steps. I have a picture with my sisters and dad on these same steps from 1995 (I'll have to try to find it and upload it). 

IMG 7300
We were also able to stop by and steal my step-brother Nick away for some lunch (he was at work). I hadn't seen him in 10 years!!! Since the day of my wedding - how sad is that? Well needless to say, the boy I remember from back then has (literally) grown into a man. 
IMG 7307
He is my "little" brother, though you would never know it; I stand at a whopping 5' 2" and he comes in at 6' 4"!!
It was so great to see him. I miss him a lot, text messaging just isn't enough, we definitely need to see each other more often than every 10 years. 
IMG 7302
After this we headed further south to see a few more of my childhood homes and memory spots. 
IMG 7321
Here is the house I grew up in. It hasn't been well taken care of, but it's weird the things you remember and the silly things that are still there. (Note: we did knock on the door, and we don't think anyone was home so I snapped several quick pictures around the yard). 
IMG 7344
Next, we stopped by the church where my mom and step-dad, Luke, were married. 
Tim had this idea to take a picture on the front steps. I'm a little disappointed in myself for not thinking of it first, but whatever, that's one of the reasons why I married him - He's amazing. :) 
IMG 7347

Treyton needed to take a desperate potty break! I think we have a picture of my mom in her wedding dress standing fairly close to that very spot :) 
IMG 7337
Before we had left for vacation, I had found a cute idea on pinterest to make an ornament using the dirt from our vacation, and fondly recalling all the red dirt from one my childhood states, I decided to make my "pin" a reality.
One of my favorite things about traveling is seeing the things that make each state unique. The red dirt of Oklahoma is one of those things. 
IMG 7314
As are the oil pumps.
Funny enough, I remember making fun of my Aunt and Uncle when they had come to visit us in Wisconsin one time and they stopped on the side of the road to take pictures of and even video tape the Amish driving by.
And now, I'm doing it!!
As we were driving through Oklahoma we kept seeing these oil pumps, I remember seeing them all the time growing up but you never really think about it until you don't see them any more. 
IMG 7311
We had picked up a cowboy hat at a Love's, it fit Treyton perfectly, he really rocked it (and his mustard stain)! :) 
IMG 7387
 We arrived in Texas around 6pm. 
IMG 7384
We stayed in Hillsboro, Texas for the night (at a Laquinta). 
IMG 7377
May 5th, 2013 
We wanted to be in the San Antonio area around 4 o'clock to check into our rental, so we didn't have much planned for the rest of our drive. A friend of mine from church who is from Texas recommended a place called "Berdoll Pecan Farm" right outside of Austin, so we stopped there. 
IMG 7431
They had a giant squirrel outside that we took lots of pictures with :) 
IMG 7410
And as if it mattered after meeting the squirrel but their pecans were amazing as well. In fact, I'm thinking about making an order sometime soon now that my "stash" is gone. 
IMG 7402
While driving we also had to stop on the side of the road to take a picture of the cactus (the state flower of Texas). We actually took a "leaf" with us, but after Treyton and I both getting bad prickers from it (through the plastic bag, mind you) we have since gotten rid of it. 
IMG 7399
IMG 7396
After the pecan farm we stopped by a metal art place - we had fun browsing around and found lots places to take cute pictures. 
IMG 7469
IMG 7456
IMG 7449
IMG 7442
IMG 7438
And check out this grill!! I mean does it get any more Texas?!?! 
IMG 7434
IMG 7483
On our way back to the interstate we passed a guy on the side of the road selling Jerky and Tim was all over it!! 
IMG 7488
We got to Seguin a little earlier than we had expected so we decided to head to New Braunfels for lunch. We stumbled upon the historic district (called Gruene) where we stopped and ate lunch at The Gristmill. 
IMG 7514
It was amazing!! 
Such a unique restaurant. They had an outdoor seating area while we waited for our table. They would write your name up on a chalkboard when it was time to be seated. It was similar to an old-school auction block style. 
IMG 7511
There was live music - just a real unique, fun atmosphere. 
IMG 7505
And lots more opportunity for fun pictures. 
IMG 7503
IMG 7490
It was a long ride down, but we really got to see a lot, and I loved the opportunity to show the kids where I had once lived and for them to finally meet my step brother. We got to the house around 4:30 and needless to say, after driving for two days, we were ready to do backflips!! 
IMG 7526



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