Thursday, May 23, 2013

Texas Trip Part 2: Remember the Alamo

We made it to our rental house by 4:30 on Sunday, May 6th.

IMG 7527

One of our first priorities was getting into the pool as soon as possible, which was somewhat short lived, as the water was pretty cold. Though I have to say, we certainly made the most of a cold pool. 

IMG 7529

Monday, May 7th - Downtown San Antonio 

Being in San Antonio, an obvious priority was to make our way to the Alamo, so we headed there first. 

IMG 7535

And how awesome is it that it's free?

IMG 7541

Before going we had read lots of books about the Alamo and people of the Alamo which made it a lot more interesting for all of us. 

IMG 7547

To me the neatest part was seeing the ring that William Travis gave Susana's baby (her name escapes me now), but to see the actual ring was pretty cool. 

IMG 7550

Tim also had asked one of the volunteers about some of the things that were on display and ended up getting a free copy of William Travis' letter for the kids. 

IMG 7564

After the Alamo we got some ice cream and headed down to the river walk.  We took a boat ride along the river walk. 

IMG 7603

It was a lot of fun, and informative. The tour guide was nice, and the tour actually lasted a little longer than normal due to some construction that day along the walk. 

IMG 7601

The kids stayed busy on the boat tour by playing with the camera, Treyton's cowboy hat and moving from one seat to another. There were lots of ducks that also kept their attention pretty well. 

IMG 7618

 After our boat tour we walked along the river walk for a while looking for a restaurant. 

IMG 7621

There are lots of places to stop and take fun pictures. 

IMG 7624


IMG 7645

Treyton took this picture and after snapping (not even kidding) 30 pictures, I accidentally deleted the best one and kept this one instead… oh well, it's not a "bad" picture, it just aggravates me that i know there was a better one. 

IMG 7642

We ended up eating at a restaurant called "Boudros" (I think that's how it is spelled) it was DELICIOUS! We ordered guacamole for our chips which they made for us table side, our waiter was great and he even let Treyton helped. 

IMG 7652

I would HIGHLY rate this restaurant and recommend it to anyone planning on going to the river walk. The food and service were excellent (though I was not a fan of their bathroom, but that's fairly minor). 

IMG 7665

Next, we walked to the Tower of the Americas, the long way, as we decided to follow Papa and he is quite the guide, let me tell ya! :) 

IMG 7676

Outside of the Tower they have lots of waterfalls and water fountains, I would have loved to have taken a few more pictures, but it actually started drizzling a little bit so we headed inside. 

IMG 7687

The view was pretty neat. We've been in higher of course in both Chicago and New York City, but for San Antonio I think it's pretty good. 

IMG 7688

It was pretty windy up there, and Alexa's dress kept flying up…. kinda cute :) 

IMG 7700

As part of your ticket to the Tower of America, you get to go to the 4D movie. We loved the 4D movie. 

In the first couple minutes of the movie there is a part where a rattle snake jumps out at you - Audrey, who was sitting in her own chair wearing the 3D glasses starting screaming, and I mean blood curdling scream!! After that I sat her in my lap, she wouldn't put the glasses on in quite a while but eventually she did. It was definitely a moment that you had to be there for to fully appreciate but it was hilarious. Donna and I laughed for quite a while on that one!! 

IMG 7694

As we walked back to our car we passed the Hemisfair park - it's a big wooden structure for kids to play on and such. It was a neat concept but our kids weren't overly impressed by it. Of course they love climbing on stuff and they enjoyed it for what it was, but I personally, think they could have added a few more swings or slides or something, so it was more than just a wooden climbing structure. 

IMG 7708

Our first day, walking around down town San Antonio was a pretty long one, but we got to see so much and we all had a good time. Definitely a successful day. 



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