Sunday, May 26, 2013

Texas Trip Part 3: Animals & More Animals

This is a continuation of our vacation series :) 

Tuesday, May 7th The Natural Bridge Wildlife Reserve 

IMG 7724

IMG 7731

This place was described as "An African Safari, Texas Style" you drive through the reserve in your car and some of the animals walk up to your window and actually eat out of your hand. 

IMG 7733

You drive 5mph through the park and you are not allowed to get out of your car. 

IMG 7735

If you get there early enough (which we did) the animals are still pretty hungry and come right up to your car fairly easily. 

IMG 7742

Mommer and Papa braved the park in their convertible :) 

IMG 7744

Titus was not a big fan of the animals, and cried for most of the park, but the other kids seemed to really enjoy it. 

IMG 7747

The ostriches are a little crazy and more than just a little aggressive, but probably the most fun. 

IMG 7754

IMG 7765

I mean, seriously, look this guy in the eye, and tell me you're not afraid!! 

IMG 7769

After we drove through the park we went to the children's petting zoo area, which was basically a goat pen, but the kids loved feeding all the goats. 

IMG 7784

I, on the other hand, had bruises on my toes from the chunky goats stepping all over me. 

IMG 7786

Alexa proved that a real princess can fit in with all types of animals, whether it be crazy older brothers or a pen full of goats!! 

IMG 7791

And Audrey? Oh my goodness, that girl is right at home with any type of animal. No fear at all. 

IMG 7809

There was a cute baby goat all the kids were going crazy about. 

IMG 7812

After leaving the goat pen, Treyton found a tree he could climb and was pretty proud of himself as this was the highest he's ever gotten before. 

IMG 7824

IMG 7820

I love this picture of the fathers and their sons.

IMG 7818

IMG 7828

That afternoon after we got home (it was pretty hot this day) we jumped in the pool again. 

IMG 7831

Alexa had not wanted to go down the slide on Sunday, but this day she did. 

She didn't like it. 

Water went up her nose. 

Wednesday May 7th

Wednesay we planned a family afternoon with our entire extended family, but we had the morning open so we decided to visit the San Antonio Zoo. 

IMG 7851

First stop was the train. 

IMG 7836


IMG 7840

Audrey LOVES trains right now, every time she sees one she starts screaming "choo choo, train, train!!" so we really wanted to get her on a little train while we were on vacation. 

IMG 7844

The train ride was, okay, it didn't go through the zoo at all so we didn't get to see any animals that way, but the ride itself was fun. And Audrey liked it - mission accomplished. 

IMG 7854

We were able to spend this morning with the Deich family which was a lot of fun. 

IMG 7860

One of Treyton's highlights was learning about the monkeys. 
IMG 7865
And then they all got to act like monkeys :) 
IMG 7872
IMG 7878
We really enjoy zoos and seeing the animals, but there are always favorites - Hippos always seem to be high on Tim and I's list, there is something so unique about them. 
IMG 7886
IMG 7884
Treyton loves birds - he always wants to touch them :) So going through the aviary section (is that what that's called? Either way, you know what i mean) was exciting for him.  
IMG 7890
Audrey thought she liked birds, too, until one pecked her little toes :) 
IMG 7897
We love seeing animals and I love that our kids asks lots of questions anytime we visit a zoo, aquarium or wildlife area. They learn a lot, as do Tim and I. 

IMG 7898NewImage

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