Sunday, May 26, 2013

Texas Trip Part 4: Family

This is a continuation of our vacation series :) 

Wednesday Afternoon, May 7th 

We were blessed to find and rent an 8 bedroom house, with a pool on the river!!

IMG 7910

We had 5 families staying there but each family was still able to have their own, personalized vacation, coming and going as each were able; but we wanted to be sure that we had some time where we could all be together as well. 

We planned a special afternoon for our entire family to hang out together.

IMG 7911

We grilled out, had an air hockey tournament (organized by Treyton) swam in the pool and the kids spent several hours just running around the yard. 

IMG 7940

We got lots of great family pictures and pictures of the cousins. I am so glad we got them!! They all turned out super cute!! 

IMG 7923

A serious… and a goofy picture of the entire clan!! 

IMG 7930

I love my man, I mean seriously, what a dork! 

IMG 7932

Our kids are so blessed to have so many cousins, and not only that there are so many, but they are close with all of them and each of them have very special and unique relationships. I pray God continues to bless their relationships and that they remain strong throughout their lives. 

IMG 7936

Alexa loved her new jacket and called it her "super suit" and insisted on wearing it even though it was close to 80 degrees out. 

IMG 7942

Alexa and Ava are 6 weeks apart - and are two adorable little girls (if I do say so myself). 

IMG 7951

(below) The first set of cousins, Emma and Treyton. We include Trent in the first "set" of cousins, and although he wasn't there to take the picture he was in all of our hearts and certainly not forgotten. He is dearly loved and missed by all of us. 

IMG 7960

Treyton is intent on outgrowing, Emma, I swear it is one of his "goals in life". These two are almost exactly a year apart (2 weeks shy I believe), and Emma has always been nearly a foot taller than Treyton, he is determined to catch up and pass her…. sooner than later if he had his way!! 

The second "set" of cousins born within 6 weeks of one another: Sawyer (July 2nd) Alexa (July 8th) and Ava (August 11th) 

IMG 7953

The third set of cousins - the 3 year olds (though Mason is not quite 3 yet, the girls are) 

Brenna (March 8th) Audrey (March 11th) and Mason (May 30th) 

IMG 7966

Don't worry we went through this with the older cousins as well, they'll eventually "get it" :) 

The Babies (Set 4) 

Sandra is expecting grand baby #13 in September, Titus (September 17th), Papa is holding Carter and Mommer is holding Nolan and I'll be honest I can't remember their birthdays for sure. I think Carter was born in January but it could have been February and Nolan was February 20th (maybe?) 

IMG 7984

We were curious to see who was taller Alexa or Ava… Alexa was by a smidge :) 

IMG 7986

It was a really fun day of hanging out making memories together, and I'm certain it's one that they kids will not soon forget. They truly love their cousins and their cousins love them. 

What a blessing to be a part of such a wonderful and CRAZY family!! 


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