Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Texas Trip Part 5: Sea World

This is a continuation of our vacation series :) 

Thursday, May 8th - Sea World 

We started our morning at Sea World by feeding the dolphins. AWESOME! 

IMG 7997

Papa got three trays of fish for $15, and shared them with us and the Deich family. 

IMG 8001

The kids really enjoyed touching the dolphins. 

IMG 8005

And so did Tim and I. 

IMG 8007

IMG 8010

It was a rather warm and muggy day the day we were there, probably the warmest of all the days we were in Texas. 

IMG 8015

In spite of the heat, we had a lot of fun. 

We were able to meet Shamu.... 

IMG 8029

Ride a few rides…. 

IMG 8040

go round and round on the carousel…. 

IMG 8047

…. and spend quality time together. 

IMG 8055

One of the highlights for the day was eating lunch with Shamu. 

IMG 8058

It was an up front and personal experience with 3 of the Shamu whales and their trainers. 

IMG 8061

We enjoyed a buffet style lunch of jambalaya, ribs and chicken, macaroni and cheese, salad, lots of sweets and cookies. 

IMG 8083

We got to ask the trainers lots of questions and learned a lot about the whales. 

IMG 8089

In the end, the shows were the biggest highlights for the kids. Treyton loved the high divers, and Alexa loved the whales. It was a really great day. If you ask the kids what there favorite part of Texas is, they would probably say Sea World. 

IMG 8111


IMG 8114


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