Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Texas Trip Part 6: Louisiana

This is a continuation of our vacation series :) 

Saturday, May 10th - Crawfish Boil  

After leaving San Antonio, we headed East to visit my dad in Baton Rouge. 

IMG 8119

Papa Mike planned a special crawfish boil just for our visit!! 

IMG 8122

Papa Mike is a big goof ball. Poor Ms. Diana :) 

IMG 8125

Because there was a chance of rain, Dad planned the crawfish boil at his friend, Daryl's house. They had lot's of fun things for the kids to do, including a trampoline!! 

IMG 8126


IMG 8131

The kids really liked playing with the poor little crawfish before they were boiled. 

IMG 8141

We had three bags…. more than we needed but they were soooo good. Papa Mike sent the extras home with us. 

IMG 8142

IMG 8144

Papa Mike had met Titus when we has in the hospital last November for his heart attack, but this was the first time her really got to hold him and play with him. 

IMG 8148

Sunday, May 11th - Swamp Tour   

Originally Tim wasn't so sure about the Swamp tour, but I had told him how neat it was so he agreed to do it.  

IMG 8163

 It didn't take too long and he realized I was right!! 

IMG 8165

We saw lots of birds, bugs and over 30 alligators. 

IMG 8167

Sadly, Audrey ended up getting stung by a red wasp, and since then has had a fear of certain bugs. She handled it pretty well, considering how badly it hurts to get stung. 

IMG 8179

We saw lots of alligators yawning, and just hanging out in the sun. 

IMG 8180

 We got lots of really cool pictures. 

IMG 8184


IMG 8191

The kids enjoyed it. 

IMG 8197

Treyton remembers it from the last time we went - he still talks about it and that was back in October 2011. 

IMG 8200


IMG 8206

Treyton was excited to get some spanish moss. 

IMG 8217

 This turtle was pretty cute - "chilaxin" (as Alexa would say), just hanging out kickin' his legs up. 

IMG 8225


IMG 8223

 I love the culture of Louisiana, I really do. I wish we were able to visit more, I want my kids to experience it as much as they can. 

IMG 8234

We are blessed to be able to stay with my dad when we do visit, to keep the expenses down and to be able to spend as much time as we can with him. 

IMG 8238

Monday, May 12th - Leaving  

IMG 8245

It's always hard to leave, but we're so grateful for the time we got to spend with Papa Mike and Ms. Diana. 


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