Thursday, June 20, 2013

Different Color Hair

This morning, as I was sitting in my room checking my email, I had sent the kids out of the room to get dressed and start their day, to give myself a few more "alone minutes" before starting my day. 

This is a common ploy that I use, one that they either haven't quite picked up on, or have, but continue to oblige out of fear, either way, I'm okay with it. 

Any who. 

A minute or so later Treyton comes running into my room and says "Alexa's hair is different colors"

Me (only half listening) "Hm…. really?" 

Treyton "Yeah, you got to see" 

Me "Mm, hm." 

Treyton runs and goes gets Alexa set her on her knees in front of me and says "Now look, you got caramel, brown and then a little bit of dark brown here." 

Me "Caramel?" 

Treyton "Yeah, right here, you see?" 

Me (leaning over looking at Alexa's hair, not really interested in the shades of color in her hair, but the fact that my almost 8 year old son knows that caramel is not just used to identify the delicious sugary-treat, but is also a color, and the fact that he used it to identify hair color just blows my mind!) "Hm, interesting" I say

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