Wednesday, June 5, 2013

First Camping Trip of the Year

This past weekend we took our first camping trip of the year. We headed to Bear Lake Campground in Manawa. 

There weren't too many other campers, other than the seasonal campers because school isn't out yet. It was nice being so quiet and a little more secluded. 

IMG 8470

If you ask any of our kids what their favorite thing about camping is, you'll hear one of two things - smores or swimming. 

This week before our camping trip Treyton and I found GIANT marshmallows at the grocery store. We have actually had larger marshmallows before, but these were the biggest marshmallows I have ever seen - at least three times the size of a normal marshmallow. 

Treyton has become a master smore maker, and I'm not even exaggerating. His smores are perfectly golden and melted all the way through (even the giant ones!!) 

IMG 8474

The campground had a play ground that the girls really enjoyed. Anytime there is this amount of sand Audrey's happy!! 

IMG 8473

They also had a beach there (on Bear Lake, obviously). The older kids and Tim went swimming on Saturday while Titus took a nap - it was a little chilly and they saw a snake, but other than that (and maybe a little because of that), the kids loved it. 

IMG 8485

On Sunday, after church I let the kids dip there feet in the water, it was a little colder on Sunday, so the kids weren't very interested in actually swimming, but the beach was really peaceful, so we hung out there for a while. 


IMG 8488

Titus is finally starting to get the hang of sitting on his own. Here he is living life large in his own grassy spot. 

IMG 8505

I love his smile!! And his one little dimple!! 

IMG 8493

This might be one of my favorite family pictures, and we took it ourselves! 

IMG 8520

All in all it was a great camping trip. It was a little different camping with a baby, a little bit tougher, there's always learning curve but I think we will get the hang of it. :) 

IMG 8532

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