Monday, June 3, 2013

Texas Part 7: St. Louis

This is the last and final post of our vacation series, hope you enjoyed getting a glimpse into our vacation, we certainly enjoyed living it!!  

Tuesday, May 12th - St. Louis Zoo

On the way home we stopped in St. Louis for a little more fun. 

IMG 8250

First stop was the St. Louis Zoo. 

IMG 8274

This zoo is free! It was a very good, the best in fact, free zoo I have ever been to. 

IMG 8259

They have certain areas or activities that cost extra (like touching the sting rays) but if you get there before 10am they are free. We took full advantage. 

IMG 8277

There was a fun area for the kids to play in the children's area of the park (also a free before 10am perk).

IMG 8280

Audrey and I looked beyond just the animals for our fun - and rocked some pretty cool hats. 

IMG 8285

Truth be told, this was the worst day for the kids for taking pictures. I think they were a little tired of the camera - it was tough to get all of them smiling or even looking in the same direction. 

IMG 8287

We had a great vacation, but next time I think I would shorten it on one end or the other. 

IMG 8291

We hung out at the zoo until about 12:30 and then went to Steak and Shake for lunch. After that we headed to The Magic House. 

IMG 8293

Tuesday, May 12th - The Magic House

IMG 8294

We were between the Magic House and the City Museum, but what pushed us toward the Magic House was the Magic School Bus temporary exhibit. 

IMG 8303

 Our kids LOVE the Magic School Bus! The topic was weather. They had a cute section where the kids could video there own weather man/woman segment. 

IMG 8306

Alexa, was most fond of this exhibit and I would have to say, I agree with her. It was very well done, I wish they had this at our children's museum, all the time. 

IMG 8310

One of Audrey's favorite exhibits was an alphabet wall where you lifted up a sliding door to see an object that starts with that letter. It would be completely unreasonable but I kind of wish we had this at our house. :) 

IMG 8321

One of the most unique exhibits was the Oval Office Exhibit. It was a replication of the oval office, with two doors going off the side, one into a court room. It was so cool!! 

IMG 8330

They also had a construction site - extremely thorough. They had outdoor items, pipes, tire changing, digging, tools, tile laying, etc. 

IMG 8337

Check out our man-child, changing a tire! 

IMG 8349

There was also a three story beanstalk the kids could climb to each of the floors. 

IMG 8359

Treyton and Audrey LOVED it (though Audrey needed a little help on direction). 

IMG 8360

Alexa, on the other hand…. not so much. She is afraid of heights, but she tries to deny it. 

IMG 8365

They also had crime solving section for the older kids. Audrey helped Treyton and I collect all the evidence and clues. 

IMG 8367

I love this picture because it reminds me how awesome my husband is (not that I need reminding). 

IMG 8371


IMG 8372

This is one of my favorite pictures of Audrey right now, I think she looks just like Autumn (my sister) when she was a little girl. 

IMG 8373

This was an AMAZING children's museum it is HIGHLY recommended by the Schoessow family. We loved it, and will definitely visit it again sometime when we are in St. Louis. 


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