Sunday, July 28, 2013

Treyton's First Run - The Packers First 1K Kids Run

Treyton has always been a great runner.

When I found out about the Packer's 1st Annual Kids 1K run held on the first day of training camp, I knew he would love to do it. 

When we brought it up to him the first time he was super excited and committed to training. 

The next day I took him out on my bike to see how far he could go. I wasn't exactly sure how far 1K was so I took him a mile to be sure. It was no problem he ran it in 9 minutes. 

Since then we have been working together to run a mile. He would run about 3 or 4 times a week gearing up for the 1k run. 

This past Friday, July 26th was the actual run. 

IMG 9282

He did GREAT!! 

He worked really hard and we are so proud of him. 

IMG 9284

I made t-shirts for the occasion to show our support (can you tell how proud I was of him…. maybe a little too proud)

Though most people were there for the opportunity just to run and even to be able to say they ran through Lambeau field Treyton was there to win it!! He called it a race the entire time and was committed to going as fast as he could through the race. 

Over 700 kids were in the race. They were divided into 4 waves. Treyton was in the 3rd wave for 6-7 year olds (making him one of the oldest in the wave). 

IMG 9285

His wave was quite large. I would say about 150 kids (?) They let the girls go first by 1 minute, then the boys. 

IMG 9291

It was hard to tell what number boy he was to cross over the finish line (because they were mixed in with the girls) but we think he was the 4th boy to cross out of about 100 boys. 

IMG 9292

His time for the 1K was 4 minutes and 46 seconds (timed by dad) they (the race people) did not keep record of the kids time. 

IMG 9294


IMG 9299

For participating in the race he received a back pack, a shirt, a medal and his running bib. 

IMG 9308

I think this really sparked a love of running in Treyton. 

IMG 9310

We are hoping to train together and run the 5K together next year. Though, I'll be honest, he is a much faster runner than I am and I usually end up slowing him down. He can run a mile in 8 minutes 25 seconds, I run a mile in about 12 minutes (and that hurts…. a lot). In fact, until recently I couldn't even run a mile without stopping so I'm very happy with the 12 minutes (and still breathing) record. 

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