Sunday, July 28, 2013

Who My Kids Are

Once upon a time, I was the kind of mom that would post often about my children. Things they were learning, what their personalities were like and new milestones they had hit. 

That was then. 

This is now. 

Now, in order to even get these things recorded it practically takes an act of congress. 

But, I promise not to give up (yet), I will keep trying to record what I can for as long as I can so we can look back one day and remember, with as much detail as we can, what life was like "back then".

So in age order, here are a few things about my kids that I don't want to forget and that make them who they are. 

IMG 9308


Soon to be 8, which is a thought in and of myself that blows me away, but we'll save that post for a different day.

Huge helper.

All-type-of-sports fanatic.

In shape. Energetic.

Logical. Practical. Analytical. Deep thinker.

People pleaser.

Talks a lot. Asks lots of questions, most of which I have no idea the answer to. (Examples: "What is the biggest frog in the world? Does it live in North America? Is it poisonous? Do you think it could eat a bird?") 

Has a hard time remembering words and names.

Overuses the word "technically" ("technically", his mother does the same thing). Is a good baseball player.

Can run a mile in 8 minutes and 25 seconds. Ran his first 1K July 26th. 

Loves his younger siblings. Says he wishes he had a big brother. 

Tries to pretend-sleep (so far, mom's not buying it, though he did get auntie skye once :))

Passed level 2 swim this summer. 

Favorite Color: Blue 

Accident prone. 

LOVES swimming. 

Secretly likes piano. 

Baseball player. His favorite position is first base. 


IMG 8980


Just turned 5!! 

Just became a no-training-wheels bike rider!!! 

Loves music, dancing, twirling and singing. Her favorite thing to do is to "listen to her music". She isn't half-bad at singing.

Decent singer. 

Tee-ball player.

Day-dreamer. Story-teller. Dramatic. Empathetic. Silly. 

Smart. Fun. Full of life. 

Loves to swim. 

Enjoys her long hair. 

Beautiful inside and out. 

Reads a lot to herself, has a hard time being read to for too long. Will look at a book much longer than she can listen to a book. 

Loves her baby brother.

Favorite Color: Purple 




Loves to dress up and wear jewelry. 

Her favorite princess is Aurora (sleeping beauty). 

First movie she cried from because it was sad: Brave 

First move she attended in the theatre: Monster's University (June 2013). 

Loves school - especially reading. 

Talks a lot. 


IMG 8877


3 years old!! 



Loves accessories: shoes, bags, jewelry. 

Likes when I pull her hair back (like Alexa). 

Tries to be like her older brother and sister. Loves being a "big kid". 

Laughs with the group, even when she has no idea what's so funny. 

Likes Minnie Mouse, though she's never seen a show or movie with her. 

Priceless smile. 


Favorite Color: Pink

Beautiful laugh. 

Lovely and precious inside and out. 

Sucks her thumb (still). 

Loves babies - real or dolls, she usually is holding one or playing with one. Her favorite baby is, "Titee" (Titus). 

Likes chewing gum. Has now wrecked two shirts with chewing gum. 



Likes Minnie Mouse. 

Does not handle pain well, unless it's brushing her hair. 

Has a temper. 

Frustrated. (mostly from her lack of communication)

Proud of her sunday school projects. 


IMG 9027


10 Months. 




Likes food. 


Sits up well. 

Starting to kiss mama on command. (It's adorable) he grabs my face and opens his mouth wide!! I love his little, or should I say big, kisses. 

Has two bottom teeth!! 

Has the cutest crawl I've ever seen. I would describe it as a frog crawl. Or and inch worm. Butt up, scoots forward. It's AWESOME! 

Loves being mobile. Pretty sure he's going to be a handful once he's actually cruising around. 

Laughs a lot. 

Enjoying table scraps. 

Still wakes up during the night. (2-3 times). 


Doesn't like parades. 


Screams a lot when it comes to food. 

Referred to as "The Church Baby" because he's always being held and loved on by someone at church (it's awesome!!). 



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