Monday, August 26, 2013

Treyton's 8th Birthday

Today we celebrated Treyton's birthday. 

IMG 9417

He wanted to have a group of boys over to celebrate sports-style. 

IMG 9386

We invited 6 of his closest friends. 

IMG 9375

We spent the afternoon playing baseball, eating pizza, having a water gun fight and then a water balloon fight and a one-on-one basketball game between Treyton and his friend Sam that they've been planning for MONTHS. 

IMG 9394

IMG 9397

It was really hot today, I think it got over 90 degrees, so we made sure to spread out the water gun fight, sprinkler and water balloon fight to keep the boys cooled down in between their sporting events. 

IMG 9391

Treyton really enjoyed his party, and I'm so glad that he did. Though I will say, 7 boys for 3.5 hours, is a whole LOT of energy. I wish I could bottle some of that energy for myself. 

IMG 9399

The boys have so much character, I love all of their different personalities,

IMG 9404

but one thing they do all have in common is pure silliness! 

IMG 9408




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