Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Titus's 1st Birthday

How joyful it was for us to celebrate Titus' first birthday! 

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Coincidentally we had family pictures scheduled for the morning of his birthday. So Dad came home from work for us to get them done.

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As soon as they were done we had to go back to work. That night, as soon as Dad walked in from work we did Titus' birthday cupcake…. which he demolished!

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Then Tim and the kids went to piano lessons, and I went to Bible Study.

The next day we actually had him open his presents, so it was kind of like having a two day celebration :), right?

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We also had his check-up appointment on the 18th.

He weighed 16 pounds 9 ounces and was 27 inches long - after adjusting his age he falls in to the 3rd percentile.  This is great news!! This is the first time he's actually been "on the chart" - even if he needed to have an adjusted age, this is awesome! 

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It's hard to believe it's been a year already! And I realize I've said that 4 times, with the passing of each child's first birthday, but it is still just as shocking, if not more so with each child, and perhaps even more with this particular child. 

I mean, really? One year?

One year since Tim and I walked into the emergency room, uncertain and a little anxious, yet completely unprepared for the time warp we were about to step in to. 

One year? 

One year since all our birthing expectations and hopes for bringing home our second son and child number 4, completely unfolded from our best laid plans to God's ultimate plan. 

Has it really been 12 months since I was curled up next to my man in a hospital bed, both of us trying hard to sleep, knowing that we needed it, but unable to surrender to it?

365 days have passed since we were laying there in the dark, with the silent hum of machines and the occasional beeping of monitors as we both began to realize that sooner than we would have hoped our precious baby boy would be joining us in this big scary world, no longer protected and kept safe by the womb.

It feels like it was just yesterday. 

I remember it all so vividly. Test result after test result moving in the wrong direction. 

Making the decision to induce and to induce quickly with no drugs, no real answers, only hope and uncertainty. 

12 months.

One year, since I heard his first cries. They were strong cries. Not too loud, but strong. 

I remember the few minutes I got with him after he was delivered. I remember them clearly very clearly, for they were all I had of him the next couple of days. 

I remember after 3 days leaving the hospital alone. A newly delivered mother with no baby to bring home. It was all so unnatural. Yet in the unnaturalness of every moment we so clearly felt HIS presence and grace. 

In so many ways the last year has been the shortest and longest year of our lives. But it's been a year we can look back on and absolutely feel grateful for. 

And we are. 

We are so grateful, truly thankful to have watched this once tiny bundle who was unable to simply nurse on his own, grow into an energetic, adventurous, spazz of a little boy. 

At one year old Titus is a true joy. He is become a fairly easy-going, fun and energetic baby.

He is hitting most of his milestones, even without the age adjustment.

He is starting to mimic us. He's said "da da" a couple of times but won't do it on demand :) of course. And today, I even heard him making "ma ma ma ma" sounds, but stopped as soon as I got excited. 

Titus is pulling himself up all the time but doesn't like for us to try to "make" him stand. He definitely prefers to crawl than "walking" with our help. He's "quick on the crawl" which I think is why he would rather not walk at this point. 

He loves to laugh, and to entertain. Once he realizes you are laughing at something he is doing, he will do it over and over again. Laughing the entire time. 

He is an amazing little boy.

IMG 9763

Blessed. We are so blessed. 

Even in the midst of all the unexpected turns from the last year, watching TItus grow and develop into a healthy little boy with such a bright and bubbly personality has been one of the greatest treasures of our lives. 


We love you so much Titus, 

Happy Birthday from Mom and Dad. 

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Ashley Skye said...

Titus you are a true blessing!!! I love to watch you and hold you. I remember 12 months ago like it was yesterday. Not being able to wait to hold you and being so amazed by you when I did. So tiny and yet strong at the same time. (Much like your mama)

I cannot imagine our family without you and cannot wait to watch you develop your place.