Thursday, January 23, 2014

The One About a Mouse

We live in the country. 

We have lived in our home for almost 5 years and NEVER had a mouse. 

A mole in the garage once or twice, but never a mouse. 

Until now. 


Towards the end of the summer we noticed a mouse like creature in the basement window. We set traps knowing that it might want to try to come into a warm home for winter. We caught nothing. 

A couple of weeks ago, on a Sunday morning Tim and the kids saw a mouse scoot across the kitchen. 

We have been on the hunt since then. 

Once again to no avail. 


That was until this morning. Tim and I were sitting at our kitchen counter watching Harry Connick Jr. perform for Keith Urban on the computer. 

I said "I thought I just saw something scoot across our floor"

Tim said "I think the mouse is dead."

"Why do you think that?"

"Because we've set all these traps and haven't caught it." 

He walked over to where our (broken) vacuum cleaner was sitting and sure enough the mouse scooted out and went under the stove!! By this point I was standing on our stool, squealing. 

Tim looked at me and said "I guess it's not dead." 

The kids had all heard the excitement and ran into the kitchen at which point we hatched the genius plan of "catching" the mouse with our flu bowls. 

I ran and got the camera, because I was sure this was something we weren't going to want to miss. 


(P.S. Mommer, Treyton dedicates these videos specially to you :)) 

The rest is self explanatory: 





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Jessica-MomForHim said...

That was HILARIOUS! You might remember my blog post about our mouse adventure a few years ago--it was funny to go back and read it again, though it certainly wasn't funny to ME at the time!

I love how such an adventure brings out everyone's personalities!