Friday, February 14, 2014

Random Thoughts for February

Where does the time go? I had really good intentions to blog more regularly…. and you all see how far the "good intentions" have gotten me. 

Busy as it is, life is good here. 

It's actually a lot more settled down now that the holidays are through and we've gotten through the new year. 

Thanks to the so-far-below-freezing-no-one-should-be-outside temperatures, we've spent more time than usual at home, which has been nice. I am working on more crafts than ever (because I have the time at home) and am beginning to bring the kids in on as many as I can. In the last months they've made bath bombs, embroidery, scrabble tile signs, paper beads, crocheting and more. It's so much fun to work on crafts together. They really get into it, and they want very badly to do well. 

In general the family is doing well, I hate to even say this but we've even been virus free for over a month!! No colds or anything. Again, I think this is due to the fact that we've been out and about so much less, but whatever the reason we will enjoy it while we can. 



Treyton is currently in basketball (once a week) and loving it. No big surprise there. He loves any and all sports, and basketball happens to be one of his favorites. He is really looking forward to playing during the high school basketball game this coming up Friday (which is now, today). 

IMG 1414

He has lost like a million teeth now, for those of you that are technical, I think the actual number is 6 but either way, a lot is a lot. He loves pulling his teeth, which is a good thing, because it's a job that while I don't hate it, I'm comfortable passing it by. 

IMG 1409

School is going well. It continues to take a lot of effort on his part, but when he is trying, he does very very well. He is super smart and has such an "intellectual" way of looking at things. My favorite part of doing school with Treyton is the discussion. He always asks insightful questions and is an extremely curious child which caries over into everything he does. Even if it's a commercial on TV, if he doesn't get it, he wants to and will ask lots of questions until he understands. 

A thorough thinker, he keeps us on the straight and narrow and focused on the things that matter. 



Alexa had her dance recital last week. I'll be honest, I shed a tear or two when she was out on that stage, dancing her little heart out. She is such a passionate little creature and it all shows whenever you turn the music on. I love that about her. 

IMG 1421

She loves piano and reading and doing tie blankets, which her Aunt Toni helped her start doing. She is very crafty and could work on crafts almost as much as I do, if I let her. Though her weakness is cleanliness and organization, so working with her takes a little more patience on my part. She's the kind of crafter who just gets in and gets going and doesn't care where she sets something down….. I on the other hand work with everything having it's place…. we are good for each other. 

IMG 1500

She is doing very well in school. I am keeping her in her current reading program, although she really doesn't need it. She is such an intuitive reader that she just catches on to most new words she comes in contact with. She reads much like she lives her life, generally within the boundary of the rules, but having no real idea or concern for what the rules actually are. :) 

A carefree soul, she is always making us laugh and slow down to appreciate the smaller things. 



Audrey continues to do speech therapy at the school two times a week. Because of the weather and a scheduled day off, It had been 2 weeks between visits with her speech pathologists, when he finally did see her, he was amazed!! He can't believe how quickly Audrey is flying through the program, though he says it's not surprise considering the amount of time she is able to commit to it. She is a very unique 3 year old, we hear that ALL the time. She is very smart and wise and although she can't communicate it, she does know what's going on, and hardly misses anything. IMG 1362

I have started doing more structured preschool with her (Before Five in a Row, namely) and she is LOVING it!! She already know 4 or 5 colors, and can count to 10 fairly well, so we are adding to all of that obviously and reading lots of stories. This week we are also learning about hibernation. Her favorite part is the crafts, which I'm trying to incorporate daily. 

IMG 1477

A determined should she has taught us so much about character building and how the easy-way is most certainly not always the best way. 

IMG 1527


Titus, Titus, Titus…. what can I say? He's hit the age of 50% adorable, 50% trouble :) He is a go-getter. Praise God he is a good napper, and is still napping twice a day, and sleeping 12 hours at night, so we get some break-time, because that kid has some energy. He's not naughty by any means. In fact, for his age, I think he listens rather well. He's just in to everything and wants to be a part of anything and wants to eat constantly!!! 

IMG 1385

He is soooo funny, and is quite the little character. He loves hiding under blankets and walking around, which his parents find oddly hilarious. He loves peek-a-boo and music. He's a cute little dancer and when he really wants food he will do squats - it's adorable!! 

He does not like loud vibrating noises (such as a whoopee cushion, or loud engines). He does love our inflatable house thingy and can spend large chunks of time just letting his older siblings bounce him around in it. 

IMG 1545

He is not speaking much, which considering our past experiences, I am trying very hard not to be concerned about. Truth is, he is a boy and the 4th child, it's okay that he's not saying a lot. (or at least that's what I'm trying to convince myself). He at one point said "mama" but he doesn't really say that anymore. He says "DaDa" "Tay-ta" (Treyton) and "yes" ---- i know how weird is that? Especially considering typically, developmentally the /y/ sound does not show up until 2 1/2. (Sad that I know that….. anyway…..) 

He is an adventurous little soul that keeps us on our toes and helps us to remember that we're not as young as we once were. 


IMG 1520