Thursday, May 8, 2014

Interviews with the Kids

I know it's been for ever and this could hardly qualify as a blog entry, but after hearing my friend talk about interviewing her kids recently, I was reminded to do it again with my kids. The following is the interview questions and answers I did with the kids this morning. 
Too Funny :) 

1. When are you (or have you been) the most afraid?
Audrey: mouse
Alexa: When a monster is coming to get me and my mom and dad aren’t here, or when a car is trying to get me…. Yeah do the car, because a monster isn’t real. Yeah, when you’re not here, that’s when I am most afraid.
Treyton: Alone in the dark, when I was young
2. What was the happiest day of your life?
Audrey: birthday
Alexa: Happiest? That’s like totally the opposite, when it’s my birthday.
Treyton: I guess when I got born…. Six Flags!!!! And then my birthday when I was 8
3. If you could change one thing in the world what would it be?
Audrey: no answer  
Alexa: Um, I don’t know, bees
Treyton: Sin
4. If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be?
Audrey: Five, I be five, Alexa five
Alexa: (Closes her eyes, sighs), biting people “Do you bite people?” No, being mad at people, fiting with people and stuff.
Treyton: Becoming an NFL player
5. What is one thing you couldn’t live without?
Alexa: God
Treyton: Food
6. What is your favorite movie?
Audrey: Minnie Mouse
Alexa: Frozen
Treyton: Ugh…. You knew I was not going to be good at this… Three Musketeers
7. What one cartoon character would you be?
Audrey: Elsa
Alexa: Holly Shiftwell
Treyton: Spiderman
8. Describe your perfect day.
Audrey: No answer
Alexa: Mom being the best mom in the world. “What would that look like?” She having a happy heart and a happy smile on her face the whole day. We would play games and go swimming in the swimming pool, hug each other and clean out the garden (she was looking out the window toward the garden), and eating the goodest dinner I’ve ever had. And the last thing, would be Dad and Mom would tuck me in, the best tucking in ever and they let me read.
Treyton: It would be a lot of sports, we could eat whenever we want, and we could go wherever we want, and we can act crazy
9. What job would you like to have when you grow up?
Audrey: Ballet
Alexa: Piano Teacher
Treyton: That’s easy, can I do three or one? Basketball, Baseball and Football
10. Who are your best friends and why?
Audrey: Anna (from Frozen), Eb –a – ee (Evaleigh)
Alexa: Amelya, Breigh, Caitlyn, Dustin, Evaleigh and Fletcher…. And why? Because they play with me.
Treyton: Lewis, because he’s exactly like me and he likes to have fun, and he’s fair.
11. What is the best thing about being ___ years old?
Audrey: I don’t know
Alexa: You’re half to 10!!
Treyton: You get to start making your own decisions.
12. What is the worst thing about being ____ years old?
Audrey: Sick
Alexa: I don’t know
Treyton: Nothing, well, um…. It might be nothing, having sisters that follow me around all the time of my life.
13. If you could change your name what would you change it to?
Audrey: Bee-Ba (Lisa? I asked) Yes
Alexa: (thinking for a long time) Lily, no, lizzy, no, madeline, no, I don’t want to copy cat, maybe I will but…. Maybe Rebecca
Treyton: Michael “Why Michael?” I like how you say it MIKE-al… or James
14. What’s your favorite color?
Audrey: Purple…. Pink
Alexa: Purple
Treyton: Green

1. Something mom always says to you?
Audrey: Speech Class
Alexa: Ohhh… that’s hard…. Can you kiss me? Do your chores.
Treyton: I love you
2. What makes mom happy?
Audrey: Speech Class
Alexa: When it’s her birthday, ewwww… when dad set up the video game, when she gets flowers, Easter.
Treyton: Notes (letters), when I write her notes 
3. What makes mom sad?
Audrey: My baby naughty
Alexa: When you get a bee stung
Treyton: Like not mad at me? Just sad? When I don’t listen.
4. How does mom make you laugh? 
Audrey: Tickle Me
Alexa: Can I say about Dad making you laugh? When he tickles you!! (She thought I asked what makes mom laugh, so I asked her again) When you say jokes.
Treyton: Talking funny…. You talk funny sometimes
5. What was mom like as a child?
Audrey: Anna
Alexa: I don’t even know when you were a child!! I don’t even know who you were!! What do you think I was like? Playing the toys, playing the DS, playing the Wii, smelling flowers outside
Treyton: Did you make up these questions? Very active I would say, I’ve heard a lot of active out of you.
6. How old is your mom?
Audrey: Umm, Umm, 4
Alexa: 30
Treyton: 30
7. How tall is mom?
Audrey: Little, tiny, tiny, tiny
Alexa: What?!!? 10 feet tall
Treyton: 0 feet and 1 inch, I’m just kidding!! 5 feet and 5 inches
8. What is mom’s favorite thing to do?
Audrey: Cuddle
Alexa: Crochet, go to JoAnns, get new yarn, go to stores – I know you don’t like going to stores
Treyton: Crochet
9. What does mom do when you’re not around?
Audrey: Tickle me (I don’t think she understood the question)
Alexa: I don’t even see you, in the morning she does her Bible when we’re eating breakfast.
Treyton: Everything!! (LOL) watches TV and does yarn
10. If mom becomes famous, what will it be for?
Alexa: Cause you won a race car competition, you got $102
Treyton: Talking, not sermons, but out loud talking – or crocheting famous
11.  What is mom really good at?
Audrey: I don’t know, speech class
Alexa: Crocheting
Treyton: Crocheting, cleaning up, at the computer
12. What is mom not very good at?
Audrey: Naughty at me
Alexa: Knitting
Treyton: Nothing…. well, it could be sports, you’re not totally good at that.
13. What does mom do for her job?
Audrey: Up above a little star (Yeah, I didn’t get it either, but she repeated it over and over every time I asked)
Alexa: Crochet, crochet, crochet 
Treyton: Homeschools
14. What is mom’s favorite food?
Audrey: Pizza
Alexa: Now that’s hard, Steak or salmon
Treyton: (giggle) chocolate
15. What makes you proud of mom?
Audrey: Play outside
Alexa: Um, that she crochets very fast, and that I grow up to be a very fast one.
Treyton: Everything
16. What cartoon character would mom be?
Audrey: Naughty
Alexa: Um…. Aurora
Treyton: Anna
17. What do you and mom do together?
Audrey: paint fingernails
Alexa: crochet together, like when we’re watching a T and a V… TV
Treyton: Do school, talk, have fun
18. How are you and mom the same?  
Audrey: (she would only dance)
Alexa: we’re twins!! (she calls us twins because we’re both second borns)…. We’re not really twins mama, I don’t have glasses, our hair color is different mins is a little lighter, your hair is shorter, our clothes aren’t the same, our feet are not the same size.
Treyton: We’re the same height, we think alike
19. How are you and mom different?
Audrey: we’re naughty people
Alexa: I just said that
Treyton: You have glasses and I don’t, she has long hair and I don’t
20. How do you know mom loves you?
Audrey: tickle me, tell me
Alexa: cause I was born so sweet. Kisses me, that’s when I feel like my mom loves me. Flowers and when you hug me.
Treyton: Because she made me and takes care of me, protects me
21. Where is mom’s favorite place to go?
Alexa: Texas Roadhouse
Treyton: You don’t really like shopping that much. Texas Roadhouse?
(interestingly enough, Texas Roadhouse, though I like it is not even my favorite restaurant)